Animal ethics committee

Please note the following closing periods for all committees:

  • New Applications for 2018 have now closed.
  • Subject to responses & post-approval requests (e.g., modifications/requests for amendment etc..) will be accepted until COB 13 December 2018. Requests for 2019 will commence on the 21 January 2019.

Animal Ethics Committee

The Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) at La Trobe University is comprised of representatives from the University, welfare organisations and the community and serves the following licensed Scientific Procedures Premises:

The persons nominated under Section 26(2) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986, to be responsible for any procedures carried out at the above-mentioned premises, are appointed by the Head of School/organisational unit. Read the AEC terms of reference

Contact the committee

All correspondence, enquiries and submissions should be addressed to Animal Ethics at

2018 Meeting Dates*

Please submit New Applications, responses and request for amendments by COB on the submission date

Submission DateMeeting Date
Monday 29 October 2018Thursday 8 November 2018
Monday 26 November 2018Thursday 6 December 2018
Monday 04 February 2019Thursday 14 February 2019
Monday 04 March 2019Thursday 14 March 2019
Monday 01 April 2019Thursday 11 April 2019
Monday 29 April 2019Thursday 09 May 2019
Monday 03 June 2019Thursday 13 June 2019
Monday 01 July 2019Thursday 11 July 2019
Monday 29 July 2019Thursday 08 August 2019
Monday 02 September 2019Thursday 12 September 2019
Monday 30 September 2019Thursday 10 October 2019
Monday 04 November 2019Thursday 14 November 2019
Monday 02 December 2019Thursday 12 December 2019

*  Meeting dates may be subject to change without notice

Feedback and complaints

If you wish to provide general feedback on any aspect of the animal research process at La Trobe University, including the animal ethics review process please contact:

Senior Animal Ethics Advisor


P: + 61 3 9479 1443

In accordance with the requirements of the Code (Section 5), if you wish to make a complaint about a research project conducted by La Trobe University or more broadly about a researcher or the conduct of research please contact:

Heidi Gaulke – Manager Ethics, Integrity & Biosafety


P: + 61 3 9479 1748

Please ensure you indicate whether you would like us to follow up with you regarding your complaint of feedback.