RED staff profile - Dr Dan Bendrups

Dr Dan Bendrups
Lecturer, Research Education and Development team, Graduate Research School


Dr Dan Bendrups is the RED Team member based on the Bendigo campus. He has a multidisciplinary background in Arts and Humanities with a particular focus on the role of music in expressing and sustaining cultural heritage in Indigenous and migrant communities. He has produced over 50 publications concerning music and heritage in Australia, Latin America and the Pacific, as well as performance research theory and practice. He has a strong record in HDR training across five institutions in Australia and New Zealand, and has previously received commendations for supervision at both the University of Otago and Griffith University. He brings extensive experience in the management and administration of HDR candidates and supervisors to his role in the RED Team at La Trobe University.

Academic qualifications:

  • 2006, Doctor of Philosophy. Thesis title: Continuity in Adaptation: A History of Rapanui Music, Macquarie University
  • 2001, Bachelor of Music with Honours (1st Class), University of Melbourne
  • 2001, Bachelor of Arts (Spanish Major; History Major), University of Melbourne

Selected publications:

Edited books

  • Bendrups, D. and Downes, G. eds. (2011) Dunedin Soundings: Place and Performance, Dunedin, University of Otago Press

Book chapters

  • Bendrups, D. (2015) Transcending Researcher Vulnerability Through Applied Ethnomusicology, in The Oxford Handbook for Applied Ethnomusicology, eds. J.T. Titon and S. Pettan, New York, Oxford, pp.71-92.
  • Bendrups, D. (2015) A folk song prodigy? Considering the exceptional musical childhood of Chilean folklorist Margot Loyola, in Child Prodigies in Music, ed. G. McPherson, New York, Oxford (In Press, Accepted 4 March 2014).
  • Bendrups, D. (2011) Nako: The Metal in the Marrow of Easter Island Music, in Metal Rules the Globe: Heavy Metal Music Around the World, ed. J. Wallach, H. M. Berger and P. D. Greene, Durham, Duke University Press, pp.313-332
  • Bendrups, D. (2011) Dunedin Sounds, in Dunedin Soundings: Place and Performance, ed. D. Bendrups and G. Downes, Dunedin, University of Otago Press, pp.9-18
  • Bendrups, D. and Burns, R. (2011) Subject2Change: Musical Reassemblage in the Jazz Diaspora, in Dunedin Soundings: Place and Performance, ed. D. Bendrups and G. Downes, Dunedin, University of Otago Press, pp.67-79
  • Bendrups, D. and Johnson H. (2011) Migrant Music and Cultural Identity, in Home, Land and Sea: Situating Music in Aotearoa New Zealand, ed. G. Keam and T. Mitchell, Auckland, Pearson, pp.73-88
  • Bendrups, D. (2011) Performing Austronesia in the Twenty-first Century: A Rapa Nui Perspective on Shared Culture and Contact, in Austronesian Soundscapes: Performing Arts in Oceania and Southeast Asia, ed. B. Abels, Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press, pp.261-276
  • Bendrups, D. (2012) Lai atskan dziesmas: Latvian Music and Cultural Identity in Twenty-First Century New Zealand, in Mūzikas akadēmijas raksti no.8, ed. G. Šmite and B. Jaunslaviete, Riga, Musica Baltica, pp.25-33.
  • Bendrups, D. (2010) Migrant Music in New Zealand: Issues and Concepts, in Many Voices: Music and National Identity in Aotearoa/New Zealand, ed. H. Johnson, Newcastle, Cambridge Scholars Press, pp.30-38
  • Bendrups, D. (2010) Fusión Rapa Nui: Mito Manutomatoma and the Translocation of Easter Island Music in Chilean Popular Culture, in Cultural Transformations: Perspectives on Translocation in a Global Age, ed. C. Prentice, V. Devidas, and H. Johnson, Amsterdam; New York, Rodopi, pp.137-158
  • Bendrups, D. (2009) Rapanui (Easter Island), in The Rough Guide to World Music, ed. S. Broughton, M. Ellingham and J. Lusk, London, Rough Guides Ltd, p.731
  • Bendrups, D. (2007) Oceanic Encounters on Record: The Social History and Significance of the Rapanui Song Sausau, in Oceanic Music Encounters: Essays in Honour of Mervyn McLean, ed. R. Moyle, Auckland, RAL, pp.35-45
  • Bendrups, D (2003) 'Latin' Music and Dance Since 1970, in The Currency Companion to Music and Dance in Australia, ed. J. Whiteoak and A. Scott-Maxwell, Currency House and Currency Press, Sydney, pp.393-394

Refereed journal articles:

  • Bendrups, D. and Weston, D (2015) Open Air Music Festivals and the Environment: A Framework for Understanding Ecological Engagement, The World of Music 4(1): 61-71
  • Schippers, H. and Bendrups, D. (2015) Ethnomusicology, Ecology and Sustainable Music Cultures, The World of Music 4(1): 9-19
  • Bendrups, D. (2013) Popular Music, Cultural Policy, and the Festival of Pacific Arts Perfect Beat 14:2, 157-73
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  • Bendrups, D. (2013) Sound Recordings and Cultural Heritage: The Fonck Museum, the Felbermayer Collection, and its Relevance to Contemporary Easter Island Culture, International Journal of Heritage Studies, DOI:
  • Garrido, W. and Bendrups, D. (2013) Transcultural Latino: Negotiating Music Industry Expectations of Latin American Migrant Musicians in Australasia, Musicology Australia 35(1): 1-15.
  • Bendrups, D. (2013) Popular Music Studies and Ethnomusicology in Australasia, IASPM@Journal: Journal of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music.
  • Bendrups, D. (2011) 'Easter Island Music and the Voice of Kiko Pate: A Biographical History of Sound Recording', The World of Music, 52 (1-3): 253-269.
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  • Bendrups, D. (2009) Sounds of Easter Island: Music and Cultural Representation, Ogú y Mampato en Rapanui, Animation Journal 17: 72-85.
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  • Bendrups, D. (2001) The Liminal Researcher in Ethnomusicology: An Approach to the Study of Latin American Migrant Music, Context 20: 35-42.

Published conference papers

  • Bendrups, D. (2009) The Representation of Rapanui (Easter Island) in Feature Film, in Remapping Cinema, Remaking History: Select Refereed Papers from the XIVth Biennial Conference of the Film and History Association of Australia and New Zealand, ed. H. Radner, and P. Fossen, Dunedin, Centre for Research on National Identity, pp.135-145.
  • Bendrups, D. (2008) A Cultural History of the Christchurch Latvian Choir, in Music on the Edge: Select Proceedings of the 2007 IASPM-ANZ Conference, ed. D. Bendrups, Dunedin, IASPM Australia/New Zealand, pp.9-14.
  • Bendrups, D. (2005) Returning Borrowed Goods: The Motive for Establishing a Rapanui Music Archive, in Proceedings of the 1st International Small Island Cultures Conference, ed. M. Evans, SICRI, Sydney, pp.2-13.
  • Bendrups, D. (2004) The Contemporary Music Culture of Rapanui (Easter Island), in Musicology and Globalization: Proceedings of the International Congress in Shizuoka 2002, The Musicological Society of Japan, Tokyo, pp.468-471.

Grants and awards:

  • 2015 Queensland Government Smithsonian Fellow
  • 2015 UNESCO National Commission Research Award 
  • 2012 Recuperación y Difusión del Patrimonio Musical Rapa Nui, FONDART Award (Republic of Chile)
  • 2009 Visiting Scholar Award, University of Melbourne
  • 2006 Vice Chancellor's Commendation for a thesis of exceptional merit, Macquarie University 2002 Research Areas and Centres of Excellence (RAACE) Award, Macquarie University