Visualise Your Thesis: vote for your favourite entry

The 2020 Visualise your Thesis Competition popular vote has now closed, but you can still watch this year's entries below.

2020 competition entries

Jacinta Humphrey: 'Life in the suburbs: Spatial change in urban bird communities'

Allira Hanczakowski: 'Translating Culture-specific Elements'

Cecilia Bravo: 'Assessing the use of social media to empower women in situations of violence'

Katrina Dernelley: 'Life in the Clearings: Domesticity, Domestication and Colonisation in a Gold Rush Landscape'

Jordyn Thomas: 'Defining the role of IL-18 in the renal inflammation leading to hypertension'

Donovan Garcia-Ceron: 'The Sneezing Fungus'

Nicole Pavich: 'Environment, Ethics & Aesthetics: Film’s Role in Framing a Sustainable Fashion Future'

Airah Javorsky: 'X-ray Crystallography shining the light on viral proteins'

Steph Houghton: 'What do you mean volunteers can’t save the world?'

Yao Tang: 'Undecidability of the Theory of Concatenation'

Katherine Sewell: 'The Dynamic Trajectory of Post-Stroke Depression'

Stephanie Lynch: 'Bacteriophages as a treatment option against canine pyoderma'

John Pierce: "Words Fail Me": A comparison of low-intensity constraint and multimodal therapies in chronic aphasia'

Natasha Joyce: 'God, Gold, and Crisis'

Sandesh Pantha: 'Nurse-doctor interprofessional collaboration'

Matthew Hein: 'Investigating mechanisms of defensin delivery into tumour cells'

Past entries

2019: winners and entries

The 2019 winners

The winner of the 2019  La Trobe Visualise Your Thesis Competition was Donovan Garcia-Ceron from the School of Molecular Sciences, followed by Jason Glab from the La Trobe Institute of Molecular Sciences who received the second prize. The Popular Vote prize was awarded to Jacinta Humphrey from the School of Life Sciences.

Donovan Garcia-Ceron was also awarded second prize in the International Visualise Your Thesis Competition.

2018 entries

2018: winners and entries

The 2018 winners

The winner of the 2018 Visualise Your Thesis Competition was Coralie Boulet from the School of Life Sciences, followed by Kylie Carra from the La Trobe Rural Health School who received the second prize and Ebony Monson from the School of Life Sciences, who received the third prize. The Popular Vote Prize was awarded to Lanzhou Jiang.

2018 entries