Visualise Your Thesis: vote for your favourite entry

VYT: vote for your favourite entry!

The 2019 entries for the Visualise Your Thesis competition are now in! Popular voting has now closed, and the winner will be announced at the 3MT University Championship.

2019 competition entries

Nishanthi Mathiyalagan: 'Characterising novel genetic pathways in epithelial development'

Lauren Murphy: 'Pre-Hamiltonian Vase Collecting'

Kylie Carra: 'Health during the transition from military service to civilian life'

Jason Glab: 'Developing new therapeutics for heart failure'

Jacinta Humphrey: 'Life in the suburbs: Spatial change in urban bird communities'

Hala Younis: 'Strengthening Timber Beams using Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Polymer'

Donovan Garcia-Ceron: 'Exploring Extracellular Vesicles From Plant Fungal Pathogens'

Lap Hing (Leo) Chi: 'Targeting BMP4 signalling to stop breast cancer spread'

Past entries

2018: winners and entries

The 2018 winners

The winner of the 2018 Visualise Your Thesis Competition was Coralie Boulet from the School of Life Sciences, followed by Kylie Carra from the La Trobe Rural Health School who received the second prize and Ebony Monson from the School of Life Sciences, who received the third prize. The Popular Vote Prize was awarded to Lanzhou Jiang.

2018 entries