Intellectual climate fund for graduate researchers

Fund information and application guidelines

Sponsored by the Graduate Research School , the Intellectual Climate Fund (ICF) grants of up to $500 are available to graduate research groups to support your local research community.

Purpose of the scheme

The purpose of this scheme is to encourage graduate researchers to lead a range of academic, social and cultural activities – online or in person - that will seed or enhance a stimulating intellectual climate and supportive network within their local graduate research community. The scheme is not prescriptive about whether the activities take place across schools, departments, physical locations or disciplines; it is about developing your research community. Graduate researchers may organise academic activities such as conferences and symposia, visual exhibitions, seminars, masterclasses and visiting speakers. This scheme encourages applications that enhance inclusiveness for the graduate researcher community (e.g. from smaller campuses, focused on part-time or international graduate researchers).

This scheme is not intended for recurring events.

You can read about other ICF projects on the RED Alert blog.


In applying to this scheme, graduate researchers can gain additional valuable experience in event organisation, grant application writing, project management, communication, and leadership. Successful awardees will have a full briefing about the resources and advice available to them. Other mentorship and support for successful applicants will be available from the RED team in the GRS on request.

Important date

  • Scheme opens: Tuesday, 4 April 2023
  • Scheme closes: Friday, 5 May 2023, 5:00 PM (AEST)  - submission date extended
  • Successful applicants notified: by Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Application information

Applicants must be currently enrolled graduate researchers at La Trobe. Events must be produced primarily BY and FOR graduate researchers, and they must be held in the year the funding is awarded. Proposals that seek to secure additional financial support for the activity from departments, schools or external bodies will be well regarded.

Applications will be assessed on:

  • The strength of the proposal
  • Anticipated impact on intellectual climate
  • Whether it enhances inclusion
  • Whether additional funding was sought

Download application form [DOC 112KB]

Please email the RED Team with any ICF enquires and to submit your application:


  • Grants are available for projects run BY and FOR graduate researchers.
  • Applicants must be currently enrolled.
  • All projects must take place before the end of 2023.
  • A written report must be sent to at the conclusion of the activity. A report pro forma can be found here [Word Document 75KB].
  • Awardees from previous ICF rounds who did not lodge an activity report are ineligible to apply.

If we don't use the funding before the end of the year, can we roll the funds over to the next year?

No, as stated in the scheme guidelines, the funding MUST BE SPENT BY 31 Dec OF THAT YEAR.

Can initiatives involve academic staff and graduate researchers or Hons students?

We strongly encourage cross-cohort initiatives that are inclusive of researchers at all stages of their career. Note, however, that similar initiatives cannot be submitted in both the Research Culture Fund (RCF) and Intellectual Climate Fund (ICF) schemes. For example, for the one kind of initiative, you cannot submit an academic staff-led application in the RCF scheme AND a graduate researcher-led application in the ICF scheme.

I have heaps of ideas - can I submit more than one application in the round?

No. You can only be an applicant on one application in each round.

If the initiative changes from what's proposed in the successful application, what do we do?

If your initiative changes, you will need to confirm that it still aligns with the scheme's guidelines by submitting a modified project plan to Please note that if the amended plan is not acceptable for the scheme, the funding will have to be returned to the Graduate Research School.

What if we can't carry out the initiative after all?

If the initiative will not be happening, the RED team must be notified and the funding returned to the Graduate Research School.

I was successful in applying for a grant in a previous year, am I able to apply again this year?

If you submitted a report from your previous event and there were no issues with unspent funding then, yes, you may apply in the current year's scheme.

I received funding in a previous year but wasn't able to carry out the initiative after all, am I able to re-apply this year?

You may re apply if the circumstances that prevented you from carrying out the initiative in a previous year were beyond your control, the funding was returned, and you notified the RED team.

If the initiative was not carried out and you did not contact the RED team, then it would be unlikely that you would be successful in an application for more funding.

For examples of initiatives funded in previous years, please see below


Congratulations to the 5 successful applications. The table below details each project that was funded and we thank all applicants for their participation in this scheme.

Successful applicantsLead applicant's schoolProject title

Samantha Kucewicz

School of Agriculture, Biomedicine and Environment

MAPP HDR Paint Your Project

Michael O’BrienSchool of Allied Health, Human Services and SportPhysiotherapy and LASEM Higher Degree Research Student Academic Writing Seminar
Susanne EllensSchool of Allied Health, Human Services and SportRetreat Yourself 2: The Re-treating
Hoa DoSchool of Humanities and Social SciencesWorkshop series: Statistics and Coding 101 by and for Linguistics PhD parents
Kim LahSchool of Humanities and Social SciencesDepartment of Social Inquiry HDR Colloquium


Congratulations to the 9 successful applications. The table below details each project that was funded and we thank all applicants for their participation in this scheme.

Successful applicantsLead applicant's schoolProject title

Aime Sacrez

School of Education

Building a School of Education Research Society (SoERS) community of practice

Alicia DimovskiSchool of Life SciencesVictorian Biodiversity Conference 2022
Ariane VirgonaSchool of Psychology and Public HealthTame Your Method – Qualitative Research Tips and Tricks
Fazel AlmasiSchool of Life SciencesApplication of statistical procedures in biological data
Jacinta AgiusSchool of Life SciencesHDR Speed Networking Event
Louise FalconerSchool of Humanities and Social SciencesUnravelling the human histories of medicine
Matthew HeinSchool of Molecular SciencesBioGen, PAM and ONJ Poster Presentation and Social Networking Event
Susannah OstojicSchool of Humanities and Social SciencesDepartment of Social Inquiry HDR Retreat
Todd PickeringSchool of Allied Health, Human Services and SportRetreat yourself: Time away to focus on writing


Congratulations to the 10 successful applications. The table below details each project that was funded and we thank all applicants for their participation in this scheme.

Successful applicantsLead applicant's schoolProject titleBrief project descriptions

Ariane Virgona

Psychology and Public Health

Navigating a PhD with Self-compassion During the Great Lockdown

This project consists of a series of seminars and a panel discussion to help grad researchers reduce self-judgement and criticism, and equip them with skills to care for themselves when experiencing challenges.

Danielle Vickery-Howe

Allied Health

Paint your research: Innovation in science communication and networking

This project enables Sport and Exercise Science researchers to define, understand, and communicate their research in a medium that is foreign to them: painting. This innovative way of communicating their research will culminate in an exhibition.

Emily Foley

Humanities and Social Sciences

Migration HDR symposium

This project establishes an interdisciplinary migration reading group online for graduate researchers, which will be followed by a 1-day grad researcher symposium.

Fazel Almasi

Life Sciences

Modern statistical approaches for biology data

This project consists of a symposium and a series of online seminars and tutorials to increase the understanding of experimental design and statistical analysis for biology data.

Louisa Walsh

Psychology and Public Health

Working Together, Apart – using the online space for participatory research

This project features 2 events exploring participatory research methods in online spaces. The 1st will be a webinar with a participatory research leader; the 2nd features participant conversations on conducting participatory research online.

Lucas Newton

Molecular Sciences

BioGen & PAM Graduate Student Symposium

This initiative is a 2-day symposium for graduate researchers in science focusing on necessary graduate researcher skills. Topics include work/life balance, writing, designing experiments and networking.

Michael Atkinson

Humanities and Social Sciences

COVID-19 and the Doctoral journey: A new chapter for higher degree research studies

This project brings together interdisciplinary La Trobe graduate researchers in an online forum, exploring the challenge of the doctoral journey and a research methodology that can collect data in real time on an issue that has immediate impact. We aim to write a journal article for publication collectively.

Nicole Skeltys

Humanities and Social Sciences

Econoclasts: the role of artists in economic crisis

This online salon features talks by Per Capita researchers and La Trobe graduate researchers. It focused on questions of how arts practices can influence our economic future for the better.

Sandy Connor

La Trobe Rural Health School

Research ‘Methodologies’ by the River

A series of online sessions focused on exploring, discussing, and learning about research methodologies for a cohort of multidisciplinary Mildura graduate researchers.

Sarah Houseman

Humanities and Social Sciences

People Need People – a warm data experience to connect in difficult times

This project involves 2 online conversations on the significant changes/challenges in living in our current society, modelled on the Online Warm Data Sessions (OWDS).


Congratulations to the 10 successful applications. The table below details each project that was funded and we thank all applicants for their participation in this scheme.

Successful applicantsLead applicant's schoolProject titleBrief project descriptions
Shannon YoungHumanities and Social SciencesArt camp retreat

The ICF project is an Art Camp Retreat for Visual Art students on Bundoora, Bendigo and Mildura Campuses.

Karen StrojekHumanities and Social SciencesInnovations in research data management

This one-day forum will bring together HUSS graduate researchers, staff, and several external speakers, to share knowledge about new developments in storing, cataloguing, visualising and disseminating research outputs in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Louisa WalshPsychology and Public HealthParticipatory research methodologies within postgraduate research - building a learning network at La TrobeThis project is an initial half-day participatory research symposium to establish an ongoing network.
Keaton CrossePhysiology, Anatomy and MicrobiologyCareers in science

This event will invite academics, researchers, members of industry, patent attorneys/legal officers and journalists/publishers from the scientific community to discuss their careers in science as part of a panel.

Stevie LebhersEducationHDR challenges and successes

This project, consisting of 2 focused workshops, examining the challenges and successes of graduate researchers and providing peer-based insights into the changing nature of their study throughout candidature.

Charlotte RoelofsCancer MedicineWorkshop on mental health for PhD students at the ONJCRI

This seminar on mental wellbeing aims to initiate conversations around these issues, and inform graduate researchers of support services that are available to them.

Sandy ConnorLa Trobe Rural Health SchoolResearch by the river 2019

This local, off-campus event showcases graduate researcher work and promotes La Trobe’s research activities to our regional community. It is a public gathering to network and promote our graduate research.

Mici BoxellHumanities and Social SciencesCreative workshop

A creative workshop led by a prominent Australian emerging artist.

Corina ModdermanLa Trobe Rural Health SchoolJournal Club

This project proposes to set up a journal club that will bring together graduate researchers on the Shepparton campus and those studying a higher degree in the wider Shepparton and Goulburn Valley region.

Caitlin FinlaysonHumanities and Social SciencesResearch for Development Impact Student Forum

The Student Forum is a full day event run in conjunction with the Research for Development Impact Conference, hosted by the Institute for Human Security and Social Change. The event is directly targeted at graduate research students with an interest in the topic of leadership for inclusive development.


Congratulations to the 25 successful applications. The table below details each project that was funded and we thank all applicants for their participation in this scheme.

Successful applicantsDepartment/disciplineProject titleShort description
Ilan Abrahams/Georgia McKenzie Psychology and Public Health Research Translation and Communication in Health Masterclass A workshop to give researchers ideas and resources for translating research outcomes into formats that are accessible for their intended audiences
Shinead Borkovic Occupational Therapy Where's your research at? A research networking and showcasing event for all graduate researchers Research networking and showcasing event for all graduate researchers
Thi Thanh Hoa Bui Education PhD Mom Talk: Yes, I can A half day seminar for female PhD students sharing practical lessons on work-life balance
Sandra Connor Rural Nursing and midwifery Research by the River 2018 A public gathering to network and promote  post graduate research
Orsi Decker Ecology, Evolution and the Environment Ecology photo competition and exhibition Photo exhibition on ecology - the science and the scientists
Chamodi Gardhi Chemistry and Physics Meet the Speaker A 'Meet the Speaker' session for postgraduate students to speak informally with speakers from industry in order to gain insight into career paths and experiences outside of universities.
Sarah Houseman Politics, Media and Philosophy Creative Methods in Organisational Research Practicum: A gathering of researchers currently using creative methodologies in field work and/or final thesis 
Stephanie Johnson Ecology, Evolution and the Environment LaTrobe Eco Film & BBQ night Socialising event: BBQ at the Wildlife Sanctuary followed by a movie night.
Madeleine Iris  Kendrick Management, Sport and Tourism Honours and PhD Students Café Club Monthly café catch up sessions and peer mentorship
Matthew King Rehabilitation, Nutrition and sport La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre HDR Symposium Symposium: LASEM update; HDR presentations and Associate Professor Richard Willt
Sarah Knowler Physiology, Anatomy and Microbiology (PAM) Advanced Topics in R: Community Ecology and Multivariate Statistics Multivariate statistics workshop
Jessica Anne Lawton Ecology, Evolution and the Environment EEE writing retreat Four-day writing retreat for EEE postgraduates and ECRs
Lily Li Psychology and Counselling Neuropsychology Journal Club Academic journal club for neuropsychology postgraduate students and staff
Ebony Monson Physiology, Anatomy and Microbiology (PAM) PAM HDR and ECR Showcase Symposium Research symposium for HDRs and ECRs in PAM
Lauren Elise Murphy Classics and Ancient History Classics and Ancient History Seminar Series Monthly Classics and Ancient History Work in Progress Research Seminars
James O'Sullivan Animal, Plant and Soil Sciences AgriBio Workshop Day Workshops and seminars for AgriBio students
Sarah Sloan Animal, Plant and Soil Sciences Science Week Trivia Night A trivia night to celebrate National Science Week
Jackie Steel Applied Systems Biology Stats Club AgriBio Stats Club symposium and/or workshop presented by a statistics consultant
Andrew Whalley Social Inquiry/Anthropology Getting Together in Bendigo  Half day workshops and a self-guided city tour in Bendigo
Juliet Nellie McDonnell Creative Arts The Post Grad Experience Graduated students return to share their tips and experiences of their post grad experiences with current students
Rachel  Impey Biochemistry and Genetics PhD student and postdoctoral fellows trivia night Opportunity for PhD students to connect with Postdoctoral Fellows
Sarah Caruso Biochemistry and Genetics PhD students team building day Networking event to strengthen relationships with the department
Cristina Triffon Biochemistry and Genetics Postgraduate Student Retreat A retreat to gain information to achieve a successful PhD
Anjana Ranasooriya Management Be Significantly Confidant at QDA A four hour lab class with 15 minute breaks after each hour
Kerryn  O'Rourke Judith Lumley Centre Melbourne Realist Research Group (MRRG): Developing capacity and reach Seminar/workshop based learning and networking


Congratulations to the 15 successful applications. The table below details each project that was funded and we thank all applicants for their participation in this scheme.

Successful applicantsDepartment/disciplineProject titleShort description

Catina Adams

Judith Lumley Centre

Looking after yourself - Study Work Life

Half day seminar with lunch

Rebecca Auchettl

Chemistry and Physics

GRSS monthly wellbeing meetings

Monthly meetings to discuss research experience & support student wellbeing

Brodie Thomas


'Research by the River', connecting out PG researchers and the community to keep up the flow

A public gathering to network and promote our post graduate research

Jennifer Gravrok

Psychology and Public Health

Blank walls: the bane of a researcher's study space

Discussion about permanent visual exhibitions in a group study space

Marianne Haines


Food Microbiology Masterclass

Masterclass in food microbiology, a practical experience

Jacinta Humphrey

Ecology, Environment and Evolution

Victorian Biodiversity Conference

An ecological conference for students, early career researchers and practitioners.

Alexis Marshall


Networking lunches for AgriBio postgraduate students and guest speakers

Networking event that enables students to interact with guest speakers

Caitlin McDowell

Occupational Therapy

Burke and Mills Grounded Theory Masterclass

A one-day qualitative research Masterclass on grounded theory methodology

Kate McIntosh

Public Health

Brokering Knowledge: Fools Gold or Nuggets of Wisdom

A one-day qualitative research Masterclass on grounded theory methodology

Riley Morrow

Cancer Medicine

Power to the students - the development of a student driven seminar series

Symposium - a panel discussion on knowledge transfer. The event will be held underground at the Central Deborah Gold Mine in


Nikita Vanderbyl


Zotero workshop for students and staff

A student-led workshop in Zotero (referencing software) for graduate researchers

Claire Quilliam

Allied Health

Shepparton Campus writing retreat

A writing retreat for Shepparton Campus HDR students and researchers

Viktor Faulknor

Politics, Media and Philosophy

Politics, Media and Philosophy HDR social night: enhancing graduate research culture

Social activity to improve networking between Politics, Media and Philosophy graduate researchers.

Ashleigh Murszewski


Advance your petrographic skills: Masterclass series

Masterclass in petrographic analysis for non specialists

Hannah Mayr

Allied Health

Allied Health Research Showcase

Allied Health Research Showcase


Congratulations to all successful applications for the 2016 round. The table below details each project.

Successful applicantsDepartment/disciplineProject titleShort description
Anne Brouwer, Nicholas AnthonyManagement & MarketingTalking PhD: everything except your researchSocial activity to encourage networking and share experiences among both LTU colleges
Anthony Condon, Christopher Trinh,Rachel Davenport,Hannah Robert , Alex Tomy, Ramón DomingoHistoryInterdisciplinary reading groupReading group and support network
Brittney Caruana, Jacqui Morris, Shakira Johnson, Lincoln Ferrie, Timothy CameronScience, Health & EngineeringAgriBio Student Society Inaugural OpeningInaugural opening for the AgriBio Student Society (ABSS)
Caitlin McDowell, Kate D'Cruz,  Sue McDonough, Carmel Hobbs, Kerri Dangerfield, Stacey Alexander, Nicole El-Hage, Deb Fox, Lucy Knox, Prue Atkins , Michelle Lac,Lucinder Mayor, Alana Hewitt                                     Occupational TherapyGrounded Theory Community of PracticeTo establish a Community of Practice for grounded theory researchers
Christopher TaylorMathematics & StatisticsGraduate Reading Group for Mathematics & StatisticsReading group focusing on graduate topics in mathematics and statistics
Cristina Triffon, Richard Garret, Rebecca Auchetti,Robert BarkerBiochemistry & GeneticsLIMS Postgraduate Speed NetworkingA speed networking meeting for postgraduate students
Teddy Ossei Kwakye,  Obed Adonteng-Kissi,  David ChisangaAccounting La Trobe University Pan-Africa Research NetworkSymposium 
Hannah MayrRehabilitation, Nutrition and Sport /Nutrition and DieteticsLa Trobe Allied Health Research SymposiumLa Trobe Allied Health Research Symposium
Hendrika Duivenvoorden, Cristina TriffonBiochemistry & GeneticsSeminar Speakers and PhD Student MeetingsPhD Student informal chats with seminar speakers
Stacey Rich, Rachael Heckenberg, Pennie Eddy, Heather DowneyPsychology & CounsellingRegional Research in the CommunityConference poster display
James Kirby, Holly WilsonHistoryHonours, Masters and PhD Workshop DayA day of seminars for Honours, Masters, and PhD students within the History Department and the ASSC
Leah Slattery, Kate Clarke, Fauster Aleo Awepuga,  Melissa Kennedy, Elena WilsonSocial InquiryWriting Support CircleWriting support group for Bendigo Higher Degree Researchers (HDRs)
Melissa Kennedy, Fauster Awepuga , Kate Clarke,Leah Slattery, Elena WilsonSocial InquiryThe Seven Sins of Highly Stressed HDR Students (and strategies for survival)Networking event: building HDR cohort through sharing of survival strategies
Myint Hlaing, Thi Thu Thuy, Trieu Huyen, Truong-Young, Hung Quang Do, Dwi HarsonoHumanities & Social SciencesASEAN Research Network online A website for HDR commentaries, research repository and networking
Nicholas Anthony, Anne BrouwerChemistry & PhysicsGraduate Student ForumSchool student forums to discuss the graduate research experience
Shawgat Sharmeen Kutubi, Suzillah Sidek, Anne BrouwerAccounting Women Leadership in Business Schools: Opportunities and ChallengesSymposium about women leadership in business schools
Richard Browne, Brittney CaruanaAnimal, Plant & Soil SciencesAgriBio Student ConferenceAgriBio student conference and poster presentations
Robert Barker, Cristina TriffonBiochemistry & GeneticsCareers Speaker for Postgraduate StudentsA seminar or inventorship and career transitioning


Congratulations to all successful applications for the 2015 round. The table below details each project.  Read accounts by participants in the 2015 scheme about their experience of organising their project at the RED Alert blog.

Successful applicantsDepartment / disciplineProject titleShort description
Alyce Mayfosh, Nicolas Anthony, Terri Field-Theodore, Hendrika Duivenvoorden, Hannah Coughlan, Cristrina TriffonBiochemistryLIMS Research Student ColloquiumAn internal careers seminar.
Edwina KayArchaeologyMedia training for graduate researchersMedia training workshop and interviews on community radio
Edwina Kay, Matthew CarterArchaeologyLandscape archaeology reading groupLandscape archaeology theory reading group
Elena Papamiltiadous, Rachelle Opie, Oana Tatucu, Hannah MayrDepartment of Rehabilitation, Nutrition and SportMediterranean Diet SymposiumMediterranean Diet Symposium
Emily Bariola, Daniel du Plooy, Tomas RozbrojAustralian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society Gender and Sexuality Interest GroupGender and Sexuality Interest GroupA Special Interest Group - involving regular seminars with invited speakers.
Frances Reed, Leesa Hooker, Elena WilsonRural HealthRural health poster workshop and displayConduct a workshop on designing posters for conference display, including lunch and ongoing limited student support to hold a display
Geertuida Drijfhout, Jemima Connell, Orsolya Decker, Shannon Braun, Nikeisha CaruanaEcology, Environment and EvolutionEcology, Environment and Evolution Postgraduate networking eventInformal meeting for Ecology, Environment and Evolution (EEE) postgraduates to network and discuss their research
Georgia Roberts, Katherine Crowder, Edwina KayArchaeologyFuture Skills: Developing a cutting edge skill-base within the PhD students of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.Interactive theoretical and practical master classes for archaeology and history.
Glen Whittaker, Sophia TippingPodiatryEngaging HDR students to facilitate ongoing academic activitiesA networking event for HDR students to increase engagement amongst HDR students
Heather DowneyRural HealthPost Graduate Community Research SymposiumShowcasing current research to local community
Hendrika DuivenvoordenBiochemistry and GeneticsSeminar Speaker and PhD student chatsPhD student informal chats with seminar speakers.
Jennifer Hocking, Lee Koh, Carmel Hobbs, Rosediani Muhamad, Jessica Gill, Jennifer BrownePublic HealthIn the thick of it! The experience of doing social research.A symposium and networking opportunity for HDR students, to be held in October 2015.
Karen O'Reilly-Briggs, Mark Newhook, Warren GuestEducationTools of the TradeMeetings to discuss research in the vocational education trades
Katherine CrowderArchaeologyDynamic landscapes: VisLab training for PhD studentsTraining sessions to assist PhD students in using the VisLab
Katie BuckleyDepartment of Public Health / CSSIIntegrating research into industry - A sports research HDR student approachOne day workshop, including guest speaker/s 
Lara Bereza-Malcolm, Jennifer WiltshirePhysiology, Anatomy and MicrobiologySupporting Women in Science (SWIS) SocietyInitial opening launch event followed by seminars every 2-3 months
Maggie Flood, Laura Biggs, Helene M Johns, Leesa Hooker, Fetene Berhanu BelihuJudith Lumley CentreSeminar series to develop statistical skills using StataSeminar series to develop statistical skills using Stata
Margaret Robinson, Karen O'Reilly- Briggs, Fazella Ibrahim, Ziaoxia (Spice) Wang, Pam Delly, Peter Sanders, Jade Sleeman, Minh Nguyen, Mark Newhook, Gerard Grant, Ngoc Lan Anh Le, Truong Sinh Dinh, Trang Nguyen, Warren GuestEducationThe School of Education Research Society ConferenceSchool of Education Research Society (SOERS) Conference
Melissa Kennedy, Mark Chesterfield, James McLean, Fatemeh ShahaniSocial Inquiry / PlanningTheory SalonTheory Salon - seminar discussing application of theory to research
Mijail Karpyn, Alexis Marshall, Jane Kelley, Tingting WangScienceNetworking breakfast for LTU AgriBio studentsDeveloping professional skills and networking breakfast for LTU AgriBio students.
Murray NeuzerlingMathematics and StatisticGraduate Reading Group for Mathematics and StatisticsReading group for advanced topics in mathematics and statistics
Nicholas Anthony, Hannah Coughlan, Christopher Bedford, Michael SearPhysicsPhysics Careers NightAcross University careers night for physics students
Renuka Balasubramaniam, Tam Thanh Tran, Ha Thi Ngoc Le, Thi Thu Thuy TrieuLawAsia PacificSeminar(s) for international students seeking guidance on effective ways of publicising their research through networking in our home countries with the most appropriate audiences
Richard TurnerHistoryThe Bendigo Graduate Research SocietyEstablish a Bendigo Graduate Research Society affiliated to the BSA
Victoria Weale, Bridget Langing, Christine While, Kate SilburnAustralian Institute for Primary Care and AgeingFrom research to publication - what helps and how to overcome barriersPanel discussion with experienced internal and external speakers