Research Progress Panel

Soon after you enrol for a graduate research degree your supervisor and Graduate Research Coordinator and School Graduate Research Coordinator, in consultation with yourself, will establish your Research Progress Panel (RPP).

Your RPP consists of your principal supervisor, other supervisor(s) and the chairperson of the RPP. RPPs may have other members if they can contribute to the Panel's purpose, which is:

  • to become familiar with your research
  • to support your work, provide feedback and contribute to resolving problems
  • especially to comment on progress reports and dissertation drafts
  • to offer other forms of advice and support.

Meeting with your RPP

The panel will complement the expertise of your supervisors. If you are a full-time graduate research student you will meet with your RPP twice a year, otherwise at least once a year.

At meetings with your RPP you will report on your research and thesis and agree major aspects of your project, such as your proposal, the timeframe and draft dissertation. You will present at least one report in person each year. Download the Research Progress Panel (RPP) Form [DOC 61KB].

The RPP can recommend that candidature should be terminated but not before providing substantial advice on the quality of research required for the degree and within the time allowed.

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