Outside research and studying off-campus

Outside research

If you plan to leave your usual campus to carry out field work, collect data, access collections, visit other institutions or for other reasons related to your research, complete an Application For Outside Research For Higher Degree Research Candidature form and include a statement outlining the reasons for your request and the stage reached in your research. You can also download the travel claim form to manage your expenses.

In the application you should outline your full intentions and plans, list each area, country and/or institution you will visit indicating their relevance to your research project. Include your plans for maintaining contact with your supervisor. You can consider arranging an associate supervisor in the overseas area or institution where you will work.

You should also check the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's (DFAT) travel advice pages about each country you are travelling to. Where DFAT recommends 'reconsider your need to travel' or 'do not travel' the university will not normally give permission for that travel.

If you are an International Student travelling overseas for your research then you must check how your visa may be affected. Contact La Trobe International or Department of Immigration and Citizenship staff.

Studying off-campus

If your study arrangements change so that you infrequently attend on-campus (and do not have an external enrolment) you need to make sure that you:

  • discuss the arrangements with your supervisor
  • see and communicate with your supervisor sufficiently often to maintain progress with your research and studies
  • meet the residency conditions: 18 months for doctoral candidates and 12 months for masters candidates, full-time or equivalent at the University and at least 10 working days per year.

Forms and resources

All of our forms are available to download from our forms and resources page.