Recreational and personal leave

All candidates are entitled to up to 20 days recreation or personal leave each year. Carefully plan and take your leave to maximise your progress and keep your supervisor informed of your plans and when you are taking leave.

Any approved leave must be taken during your candidature – you cannot save it up and take it after you have submitted your thesis. University holidays are not counted in the 20 days leave and you're not expected to work on those days.

Scholarship recipients will continue to receive their scholarship throughout periods of recreation and personal leave.

Note that taking personal and recreational leave does not affect your candidature dates, i.e. the timing of progress milestones, your expected work submission date, maximum completion date and does not affect international students visas.

Leave of absence

You can apply for these types of leave using our Leave of Absence application form. It is especially important that you apply for leave if your progress is likely to be delayed. Your leave can include:

  • extended personal leave
  • jury service* or defence reserve service
  • parental or partner leave.

You may apply for a total of 12 months leave of absence across the course of your degree. For domestic candidates, parental and partner leave are separate entitlements. Some scholarships include provisions for paid parental or partner leave – check the terms and conditions of your scholarship or consult the Graduate Research School.

*If you receive a request for jury service, note that students are encouraged to apply for exemption by the Jury Commissioner as it is considered a disruption to your studies. When you take leave the expiry date of your candidature, the due date for your thesis and your progress milestone due dates will be adjusted accordingly, so it is important that your leave is approved by your Graduate Research Coordinator and School Graduate Research Coordinator or Head of School, and recorded by the Graduate Research School.

If you are an international student who has personal leave you will need to check the conditions of your visa and speak with La Trobe International before applying for leave.

Forms and resources

All our forms are available to download from our forms and resources page.