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Accounting for detention

Achieving an ordinary life for people with intellectual disabilities

Activation of anthracycline anti-cancer agents by nanoparticle therapy

After the deluge: revisiting displacement and resettlement at the Three Gorges Dam in China

Agribusiness supply chain sustainability and food security

Alpine plant conservation

An international study of seasoned equity offerings

A patientcentric approach to enhancing performance in the Australian health sector

Articulate science


Brain regulation of brain adipose tissue metabolism


Catadioptric mobile robot image mosaicing for vehicle undercarriages

Cell death regulation in cancer and viral diseases

Chemistry of self assembled systems from soap bubbles to cell membranes

Community participation in health improvement

Computational tools for proteomics

Constant connections: mobile phone assisted peer support for refugee women

Crop improvement using modern technologies

Curing the incurable – stem cell research


Dating our earliest ancestors

Defining the benefits of exercise training for people with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Director of the Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre

Discrete integrable systems: Common features

Discrete integrable systems: Wave equations

Dropping Out & youth disengagement (from formal education) in the Sunraysia region


Economics - it's just not about finance!

Effective treatments of aphasia

Electric bacteria

Emotionally intelligent social robots for social innovation

Entry modes of foreign enterprises into Ukraine

Exploring midwife's views and experiences of case load


Film induced tourism

Foot posture and lower limb function

Function of hip stabiliser muscles in hip osteoarthritis


Gay and lesbian health

Gay and lesbian health Victoria: youth programs

Gender equity and respectful behaviour in sport

Genomics - assisted breeding of agricultural species


Health promotion competencies in dental professionals

High performance solutions to streaming data problems

HR and health care


Identification and functional analysis of the invasive mechanisms of cancer cells

Inhibiting the growth and spread of cancer


Language and society

Languages of Minahasa (Indonesia)

Lifelong learning


Memory management

Memory training in people at risk for dementia

Milk genomics

Mobile phone based sensors for the developing world


Nanomaterials for electronic devices, sensors and batteries


One -on-one midwifery care reduces c-sections and improves health outcomes for babies

Optimising musical instruments

Overseas born Tongans and their ties to their homeland


Plantar heel pain or pain underneath the heel

Primary prevention of the sexual assault of older women

Private equity investment – acquisition or down the PIPE

Probing the earth's upper atmosphere with high frequency radar

Promoting normal birth

Psychological contract theory and volunteers

Psyllids as biosecurity threats to plantation and native eucalypts in Australia and internationally

Public sector accounting and information trust


Regulating sport broadcasting

Regulation of sodium-proton antiporter expression


Romantic Popular Culture


Self advocacy and inclusion: speaking up over the years

Shining infrared light on the atmosphere

Smart classrooms and geospatial modelling

Specialist auditors and quality of company financial reports

Sport development for marginalised communities

Sport within correctional facilities

Survival of the landscape - historical, emotional & cultural


Talking sexual health

The Castle Study

The decline of manufacturing in the USA

The foot health personal beliefs of people with diabetes

The global opposition to universal human rights

The Ice Age wallaby hunters

The least distrusted power

The next generation of high frequency radar

The REACH partnership: building the evidence for HIV prevention

The respite care project

Treating cancer by the backdoor – a new take on chemotherapy


Unbalanced scheduling systems and demand for professional sport

Uncovering counterfeit branding

Understanding fatal incidents in supervised youth in the outdoors

Unfinished Business: student perspectives on disclosure of mental illness and success in VET

Using shark antibodies to fight human diseases


Viral Hepatitis Social Research Program


Water use in the colonial gold rush

Wavelet techniques in proteomics

What actions do nurses take when people phone rural Victorian hospitals with unscheduled healthcare needs

Women on corporate boards


Youth technology incivility; e-bullying in Australian schools