Mathematical and Computing Sciences


The spectrum of research in this Disciplinary Research Program (DRP) ranges from the mathematical sciences and statistics, to artificial intelligence and image processing and information systems. The DRP has five subprograms:

  1. Scientific computing and modelling
  2. Foundations, structure and complexity
  3. Statistical science
  4. Artificial intelligence and image processing
  5. Data analytics and information systems.

In one of its subprograms, the DRP is addressing numerous challenges presented by Big Data that invokes mathematical processes where difficulties can fundamentally limit capabilities. Image correction, signal processing and traffic analysis are cases in point: Where new mathematical techniques in fast numerical methods, differential equations and mathematical computing (subprogram 1) have been central to modern advances.

The DRP is also specialising in algebraic, combinatorial and logical issues arising in computing sciences, and in the mathematics of computational complexity and algorithm structure (subprogram 2).

The visible front end of Big Data issues is computers, and aspects of computing science such as data mining, memory storage and information retrieval (subprogram 5) are three of the central identifying hallmarks of Big Data as a concept, while image processing and pattern recognition (subprogram 4) are ascendant technology issues in which Big Data issues are arising.

La Trobe University has world-standard research in precisely these areas, recognised not only by ERA assessment but with ARC Discovery Grant support.


  • Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
    Phoebe Chen

Partners, Industry, Community links and Cooperation

  • Through a major international collaboration, La Trobe has formed a branch of the Kyushu University Institute of Mathematics for Industry (IMI). IMI trains the world's best mathematical minds and adapts their technical skills to provide a competitive edge for industry. Two staff are based at La Trobe University.
  • A partnership with the Alfred Hospital sees co-use of equipment, sharing of staff and honorary appointments through the project, 'Application of Deep Learning to Automatic Medical Diagnosis.'

Public activities

Maths and Statistics presents a series of regular colloquiums and seminars, engaging with universities and industry bodies around the world. The DRP has also supported a number of workshops and conferences, including:

  • Geometry and Analysis, September 2015
  • Bridge Over the Pacific, joint LTU-Kyushu University kickstart meeting, March 2015
  • Substructural logics, December 2014
  • Differential Geometry, Complex Analysis and Lie Theory, December 2014


Prof Reinout Quispel