Disciplinary Research Programs

The underlying disciplinary strength of existing and emerging high-performing research teams will be maintained and developed within Disciplinary Research Programs (DRPs). Six DRPs have been established.


Linguistics encompasses a broad range of research activities, ranging from the documentation and description of endangered spoken languages, to the exploration of deaf community sign languages and gestural communication. This DRP's core research mission is to become international leaders in linguistics in:

  • language documentation and description
  • comparative syntax
  • sign language linguistics and gesture studies
  • sociolinguistics, language variation and change
  • phonetics.

Contact: Dr Stephen Morey

Remaking Education

The Remaking Education DRP is focused on the theme of quality learning for diverse learners across different communities, and will address this theme through multiple methods and settings. The levels of education to be addressed include primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors, and workplace and community learning. Our research will focus on, but not be limited to:

  • effective learning for marginalised students
  • designing, enacting and reviewing the use of new technologies
  • implementing policies in educational leadership and equity
  • developing and implementing programs for sustainability and environmental education
  • analysing the affective dimension of pedagogy
  • research of and through the visual in educational practices and contexts.

Contact: Professor Vaughan Prain