Research strengths and priorities

A priority of the Understanding Disease RFA is to foster cross-disciplinary thinking and collaborations to explore new ways of approaching research questions.  Such RFA initiated teams drive novel strategies to solve complex biological problems. The RFA structure provides strength through which these large scale partnerships can be built.

Programmes supported by the Understanding Disease RFA include:

  • internal grant schemes to support start-up projects, strategic research, new collaborations and external partnerships
  • pathways for Early Career Researchers, including designated research funding rounds and RFA  forums
  • nurturing cross-disciplinary links within the University through regular RFA events
  • external research collaborations and industry linkages
  • facilitation and sponsorship of workshops and roundtables
  • commercialisation

Research themes

  • diseases of early origin, including inherited diseases
  • diseases acquired during a lifetime, including dementia, cancer, infections, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disease and neurological disorders
  • translational research: prevention, diagnosis and treatment
  • agricultural biotechnology
  • frontier technologies