Current research projects

Transforming Human Societies (THS) funds innovative research projects within La Trobe University that confront some of the most pressing challenges facing human societies across the world.

From 2013-2017 THS funded the following research projects involving researchers from various disciplines, including: history, archaeology, psychology, anthropology, law, economics, management, and sociology.

A brief description of these projects is provided below.

Social, Political and Economic Change (SPEC)

Our research generates new insights into how social power, production and distribution disrupts and transforms societies.

Indigenous Peoples: Australian and International

Our research investigates and supports indigenous cultures and the development of educated, scientifically literate and well-informed societies, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

Migration and Mobilities: Ancient and Current

Our research examines human mobility and explores the drivers, experiences and outcomes of human migration.

Sustainability and Social Justice

Our research seeks to achieve social justice and sustainable societies by examining social, economic and environmental priorities in a local, national and global context.

Human Rights, Gender and Sexuality

Our research advances social justice and inclusion: we explore, theorise, recognise and defend human, sexual, gender and embodied experiences.