Vision and goals

Research in Transforming Human Societies (THS) will contribute to understanding the origins, history, drivers and impacts of human migration, mobility, cultural change and social transformation.

We want to support:

  • learning from the past and present to create more humane and socially just societies that are also sustainable
  • the formation of truly integrated multicultural societies and the preservation of different cultural identities, despite increasing globalisation
  • indigenous cultures and the development of educated, scientifically literate and well-informed societies.

Our themes will address the origins, drivers and futures of human societies. We seek to explore past adaptations to changing circumstances and shocks, and to use this knowledge to inform future ideas, beliefs, behaviours, policies and practices.

At the core of this Research Focus Area is an additional and deeper 'learning loop' focused on the question of how different disciplines understand social and cultural change, and how this interdisciplinary conversation and understanding can help us address key issues of our time.