Research members

The Membership of the Transforming Human Societies RFA during the 2013-2017 term of the RFA initiative included:

Social, Political and Economic Change (SPEC)
Nicholas BisleyProfessor, Executive Director, La Trobe Asia, THS Executive Committee member, Chair "Social, Economic and Political Change (SEPC)" research clusterInternational relations
Mary DebrettSenior Lecturer Communication technology and digital media studies
Kate GrosserLecturer Management
Adrian Jones, OAMAssociate ProfessorEuropean history
Robyn Walton 1st year advisor, English programEnglish
Jasmine-Kim WestendorfLecturer International relations
Human Rights, Gender and Sexuality
Lola Akin OjelabiSenior Lecturer Access to justice / International law / Litigation, adjudication and dispute resolution
Dennis Altman, AMEmeritus ProfessorAustralian Studies, Gender, Sexuality and Diversity Studies, International Relations, Politics
Dr David AzulLecturerLa Trobe Rural Health School, Discipline of Speech Pathology; gender diversity and communication
Catherine BarrettSenior Research Fellow, Chief investigator, Coordinator Sexual Health and Ageing ProgramSexual health and ageing
Edwina KayPhD CandidateHuman rights
Lee Ann BasserAssociate Professor, Director of Research, La Trobe Law School, RFA THS Executive Committee Member, Chair Human Rights Gender and SexualityAccess to justice / Family law / Human rights law
Rosaria BurchielliAssociate ProfessorHuman rights; gender; informal work; organising
Janet ButlerHonorary Research Associate History
Kirsty Duncanson LecturerCriminology / gender studies / socio-legal studies / political science
Sue Dyson Professor, Principal Research Fellow, Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society Gender and health / Sexuality and relationships / women's health
Emma Henderson LecturerCriminal law and procedure / Human rights law / Law and society / Legal theory, jurisprudence and legal interpretation
Nicola Henry Senior LecturerGender, culture, sexuality / Human rights and justice issues / Law and society / Social studies in science and technology
Timothy JonesResearch FellowHistory
Patrick KeyzerProfessor, Head La Trobe Law School Law
Virginia Mansel LeesLecturer Social Work
Lee-Ann Monk HonoraryHistory
Mary Anne NooneProfessorLaw
Emma Robertson Lecturer History
Indigenous Peoples - Australia and International
Julie AndrewsLecturer  Migration and mobilities cluster
Aboriginal Australia / childhood
Tracey Banivanua MarAssociate Professor, ARC Future Fellow, THS Executive Committee Member, Chair, Indigenous PeoplesAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history / Australian history / Post colonial studies
Felicity Collins Associate Professor Australian history / Creative writing / Film and television / Media studies / Screen and media culture
Claudia HaakeSenior Lecturer Latin American history / North American history
Leonie StevensLecturerHistory
Migration and Mobilities
Hisham Abu-RayyaSenior Lecturer

Cross-cultural transitions/acculturation, psychological and socio-cultural adjustment and adaptation / Prejudice and inter-group dynamics / Faith/religious identity of adolescents and adults / Psychology of religion/religiosity, personality, and mental health / Mixed-ethnic/cultural/faith marriages and psychological and socio-cultural adjustment and adaptation / Statistical applications in psychological and health sciences

Andrew ButtSenior Lecturer, THS Executive Committee MemberApproaches to planning research and practice / Land use planning and regional development / Planning theory and practice in regional and peri-urban settings / Regional development theory and techniques
Maurizio CampanelliPhD Student Department of Archaeology and History Ancient and Current to Indigenous Peoples
Yangbin ChenSenior Lecturer, Asian Studies Honours Coordinator, Chinese studies and Asian StudiesAsian cultural studies / Chinese languages
Rebecca ClarkCasual Academic  Anthropology
Sharon CroxfordLecturerDietetics
Asa FerrierHonorary Research Associate 
Jillian Garvey ARC DECRA FellowArchaeology of Australia
Zane GoebelSenior LecturerAsian cultural studies / migration
Laura GriffinLecturer Law
Xianbi HuangLecturer  Asian cultural studies / Migration / Urban sociology and community studies
Joel KahnEmeritus ProfessorAnthropology / Asian studies
Emiko KashimaAssociate Professor Culture and psychological threats
Jennifer LaingSenior LecturerFilm induced tourism and tourism and media / Wine, culture, heritage, cycle, battlefield, festival and event tourism
Helen LeeProfessor Migration / Social and cultural anthropology / Social studies in science and technology
Alice LiLecturer Business / Human resource management / Management
Mark MallmanCasual AcademicSociology
Celia McMichael Lecturer Anthropology of development / International aid and development / Migration
Wendy MeeSenior LecturerAsian cultural studies / Religion and society / Science and technology studies in Australia
Robert Mitchell Associate ProfessorGenetics
Whitney Murrie Casual AcademicSociology
Makiko Nishitani Casual Academic Asian studies
Caitlin NunnCasual AcademicAnthropology
Kaori OkanoProfessorGender, culture, sexuality / Social and cultural anthropology
Zoe Robertson Casual Academic Anthropology
Raul Sanzhez-UrribarriLecturerCourts and sentencing / Human rights and justice issues / International aid and development / Latin American history / Law and society
Rhonda SmallProfessorHealth services and policy reform / Pregnancy and childbirth / Women's health
Caroline Spry Casual AcademicArchaeology
Gwenda TavanSenior Lecturer PoliticsAustralian government and politics / Australian history / Migration
Savitri Taylor Associate Professor International law
Jacqueline Tumney Casual Academic Archaeology
Jeni Warburton Professor, John Richards Chair of Rural Aged Care Research Healthy ageing / social policy
Naduni WickramaarachchCasual Academic Environment and community planning
Raelene WildingSenior Lecturer, THS Executive Committee Member, Chair Migration and Mobilities research clusterAsian cultural studies / Gender, culture, sexuality / Migration
Rachel WintertonResearch Fellow - John Richards InitiativeHealthy ageing
Senem YekenkurulCasual AcademicAnthropology
Sustainability and Social Justice
Edwina KawPhD Candidate 
Leila AlkassabCasual generalEquality and Diversity Centre
Miriam Bankovsky Lecturer Political theory and political philosophy / Social theory
Christopher BruceLecturer  Occupational therapy
Minerva Chaloping-MarchCasual AcademicSociology
Tracy FortuneSenior LecturerOccupational therapy
Mark HarrisSenior LecturerLaw
Lisa Hatfield Casual Academic Anthropology
Katie HolmesProfessor, Director THS, Chair, Sustainability and Social Justice research clusterAustralian history / Gender, culture, sexuality / Literary studies
Rebecca MilesAssociate LecturerEducation
Sian SupskiCasual GeneralThesis Eleven Centre
Alikki VernonLecturer Access to justice / Governance / Litigation, ajudication and dispute resolution
Research Members
Sue Beeton Associate ProfessorFilm induced tourism and tourism and media / Tourism destination development and community development / Tourist motivations / Wine, culture, heritage , cycle, battlefield, festival and event tourism
Paulina BillettAssociate Lecturer Sociology
Daniel BrayLecturerInternational relations / Political theory and political philosophy
Richard BroomeEmeritus ProfessorAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history / Australian history / Migration
Roland BurkeLecturerHuman rights and social justice and discrimination / Political theory and political philosophy / Post colonial studies
Edgar BurnsLecturerSociology
Buly CardakAssociate Professor, THS Executive Committee MemberEconomics
Mei-Tai ChuSenior Lecturer Managerial psychology and decision science / Strategic alignment of information systems/ information systems governance
Ian CollerSenior LecturerEuropean history
Carolyn D'CruzSenior LecturerArt theory / Gender, culture, sexuality / Literary studies / Political theory and political philosophy
Gary DowsettProfessorGender and health / Older people / sexuality and relationships
Phillip EdwardsSenior Lecturer Archaeology of Europe, the Mediterranean and the Levant
Nauman EjazCasual AcademicFinance
Bircan ErbasAssociate ProfessorConsumer participation / Environmental health
Charles FaheySenior LecturerAsian history / Australian history
Patricia FallProfessor, THS Executive Committee Member Archaeology of Asia, Africa and the Americas / Archaeology of Europe, the Mediterranean and the Levant
Jane FarmerProfessorHealth services and policy reform / Rural and regional health
Tanya FitzgeraldProfessor Education
Gillian Fletcher Research Fellow Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society
David FrankelEmeritus ProfessorArchaeology of Australia / Archaeology of Europe, the Mediterranean and the Levant
Patsie Frawley Research Fellow Consumer participation / Disability / Sexuality and relationships / Social policy
Elspeth FrewAssociate ProfessorTourism and hospitality management
Warwick FrostAssociate ProfessorFilm induced tourism and tourism and media
Sue GillettSenior LecturerGender, culture, sexuality / Literary studies / Screen and media culture
Alberto GomesProfessorAsian cultural studies / International aid and development / Social and cultural anthropology
Don HardingProfessorEconomics
Birgit HellwigARC Future FellowLinguistic anthropology
Andy Herries Australian Research FellowArchaeology of Asia, Africa and the Americas
Nicholas HerrimanSenior LecturerSocial and cultural anthropology
Trevor HoganSenior Lecturer, THS Executive Committee memberSocial and cultural anthropology / Urban sociology and community studies
Jennifer JonesLecturerAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history / Australian history
Fiona Kelly Senior LecturerFamily law / Law and medicine / Law and society
Laszlo Konya Associate ProfessorApplied econometrics and forecasting
Catherine LangAssociate ProfessorOutreach community and professional education
Susan Lawrence Associate Professor, THS Executive Committee memberArchaeology of Europe, the Mediterranean and the Levant / Historical archaeology
Jayne LuckeProfessor, Director Australian research centre in Sex, Health and SocietyAustralian research centre in Sex, Health and Society
Christopher MackieProfessorEuropean history / Literary studies
Ray MaddenSenior Lecturer Anthropology of development / Social and cultural anthropology
John MartinEmeritus Professor Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government
Sarah Mayor CoxLecturerEducation
Susan MartinProfessorLiterary studies / Literary theory
John McCormack Senior LecturerSocial work
Bill McGuinessAssociate ProfessorNursing
Helen McLachlan Associate Professor Midwifery / Perinatal and child health
Michalis Michael Senior Research FellowAustralian government and politics / European history / International relations / Migration / religion and society
Timothy MinchinProfessorNorth American history
Paul MorrisLecturer Visual communication
Gregg MullerLecturerOutdoor and Environmental Education
Stephen MoreyARC Future FellowAsian cultural studies / Linguistic anthropology / religion and society
Tim MurrayProfessorArchaeology
Ralph NewmarkLecturer, Director Institute of Latin American StudiesLatin American history
Toula NicolacopoulosSenior LecturerGender, culture sexuality / Philosophy of the mind
Apollo Nsubuga-KyobeLecturerHuman resource management / Management
Joanna Poyago-TheotokyProfessor Economics
Hannah RobertLecturerFamily law / Law and medicine / Law and society
Francine RochfordSenior LecturerLaw
Heidi RyooLecturer Economics
Adam SchembriAssociate ProfessorLinguistics
Mridula ShankarResearch Fellow, Judith Lumley Centre 
Kate SilburnSenior Research Fellow Health policy / Health promotion / Public health
Nicola Stern Senior LecturerArchaeology of Asia, Africa and the Americas
Arthur Stukas Associate Professor Social psychology
Sandy SuardiAssociate ProfessorFinance and economic development / Financial econometrics and time series analysis / macroeconomics
Ingrid SykesARC Future FellowEuropean history / French language / Government and politics of Asia and the Pacific
Marija TabainAssociate Professor and ARC Future FellowLinguistic anthropology
Angela TaftProfessor and Director, Judith Lumley CentreWomen's health
Yuji TamuraLecturerEconomics
Chrismin TangLecturer Economics
Jacqui TheobaldLecturerSocial work
Susan ThomasProfessorLiterary studies / Literary theory / Post colonial studies
Marc Trabsky LecturerLaw and society
Cristina ValdioseraTHS FellowArchaeology
George Vassilacopoulos Senior LecturerHistory of philosophy / Philosophy of the mind
Darius Von GuettnerLecturerAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history / Archaeology of Europe, the Mediterranean and the Levant / Art history / European history / Gender, culture, sexuality / Historical archaeology
David WalkerAssociate Lecturer Economics
Jenny WalshAdvisor, Sexuality education curriculaGender and health / Sexuality and relationships
Robert WaschikSenior LecturerEconomics
Jennifer WebbCharles La Trobe Research FellowArchaeology of Europe, the Mediterranean and the Levant
Eleanor Wertheim Professor Clinical and health psychology / Social psychology
Axel WeinekeLecturerEconomics
Brooke WilmsenLecturerAsian history / International aid and development
Edwin WiseCasual Academic Sociology
David WishartSenior LecturerCorporations and corporate governance
Clare WrightHonoraryGender, culture, sexuality
Suzanne YoungAssociate Professor Accountability and performance management in the public and not-for-profit sector / Behavioural research in financial accounting and corporate governance / Business ethics / Corporate social responsibility / Social, environmental and sustainable management and reporting, environmental performance, business ethics, corporate accountability and human rights

Student members

NameResearch titleResearch cluster
Geoff AllshornPhD student, HistoryHuman rights, gender and sexuality 
Michael AtkinsonPhD student, Centre for DialogueSustainability and Social justice 
Nadine BirdPhD student, Equality & Diversity CentreMigration and Mobilities 
Marilyn BowlerPhD student, History  
Maurizio Campanelli  
Alexia Cameron PhD student, SociologyEconomic and political change
Fang CaoPhD studentMigration and mobilities 
Elizabeth ChapmanPhD student, AnthropologySustainability and social justice
Manoch ChummungpakPhD studentMigration and mobilities 
Aidan Craney PhD student, AnthropologyEconomic and political change
Sam CrooksPhD student, FHUSS 
Arthik DaviantiPhD student, AccountingHuman rights, gender and sexuality 
Lucy Davies PhD student, History Economic and political change 
Carina Donaldson PhD student, History  
Elizabeth DownesPhD student, HistorySustainability and social justice
Sam DureauPhD studentEconomic and political change
Liam FloodPhD student, History 
Miranda FrancisPhD student, History 
Abay Adhana GebrekidanPhD studentMigration and mobilities 
Medha Rasanjalee GunawardhanaPhD studentEconomic and political change, Sustainability and social justice
Suzi HayesPhD student, EnglishSustainability and social justice
Ally HealyPhD Student, History, Equality and Diversity centre 
Carolina Hernandez-LosadaCasual academic, Anthropology Human rights, gender and sexuality 
Anni Hine MoanaPhD student 
Carmel HobbsCasual academic, Allied Health  
Jessica HortonHonorary PhD student, History  
Emma HughesPhD student, Theatre and Drama programIndigenous peoples, Human rights and Gender and sexuality 
Jessica IsonPhD studentHuman rights, gender and sexuality 
Jubin JohnPhD student, MarketingSustainability and social justice 
Melissa KennedyPhD student, Environment & Community Planning 
James KirbyPhD student, History 
Nick KopitschinskiPhD student, History  
Kate Laing PhD student, History  
Rebecca MarchPhD student, Institute of Latin American StudiesMigration and Mobilities 
Alice MoraPhD student 
Samiro MohamudPhD studentMigration and mobilities
Michael MoignardPhD student, History 
David MwambariPhD student, History  
Harumi NakahamaPhD student, Asian Studies and Japanese, History Migration and mobilities 
Alan Peterson PhD student, HistoryHuman rights, Gender and sexuality 
Lyndon PrattPhD studentIndigenous peoples 
Arjun RajkhowaPhD student, Tutor, Journalism and strategic communicationEconomic and political change
Jayne Rantall PhD student, History Indigenous people (Australia and international) 
Fran ReedPhD student  
Nadia RhookPhD student, Research Assistant, History  
Laura RussoPhD student, History 
Lauren Ryan PhD student, History  
Randal SheppardPhD student,History  
Fiona SmithPhD student, social work and policy Human rights, Gender and sexuality 
Robert SouthgatePhD student, Law 
Esther TheilerPhD student, History  
Karen TwiggPhD student, History 
Gijs VerbossenPhD student, PoliticsEconomics and political change
Holly Wilson PhD student, History