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Agricultural Scientists


Crop improvement using modern technologies - Professor John Mason

Genomics - assisted breeding of agricultural species - Professor John Foster

Regulation of sodium-proton antiporter expression - Jo Ernest

Milk genomics - Professor Ben Cocks

News articles

Genomics creates more productive cattle – Dr Hans Daetwyler and Dr Ben Hayes

Ecologists and Environmental Scientists


Alpine plant conservation - Dr John Morgan

Psyllids as biosecurity threats to plantation and native eucalypts in Australia and internationally - Dr Martin Steinbauer

Mallee Fire & Biodiversity Team – 2014 Eureka Prize for Environmental Research finalist – Professor Mike Clarke

News articles

Burnoff policies could be damaging habitats for 100 years – Professor Mike Clarke

Dr Susan Lawler - regular contributor to The Conversation


Ecologist Ian Lunt discusses the work carried out by Professor Mike Clarke's lab: Fire in the Mallee

Dr John Morgan – Plant Ecologist

Research Specialisations

Freshwater Ecology - Professor Ben Gawne

Research Centres

The Centre for Freshwater Ecosystems: We deliver world-leading research focusing on healthy freshwater ecosystems. Our centre brings together a wealth of expertise from many disciplines to understand and solve significant challenges to support the sustainable management of freshwater ecosystems.

Other related projects


Electric bacteria - Dr Ashley Franks

Research Centres

The Centre for Water Policy and Management (CWPM) is an applied research organisation dedicated to improving our understanding of water policy and management choices and the impact of those choices on water users.