Vision and goals

We want to support:

  • thriving economies in ways that also deliver healthy and resilient ecosystems
  • ecosystems that are able to provide food, nutrition, energy, water and other products and services
  • products and services essential for human wellbeing, and the wellbeing of the organisms with which we share the planet.

Food, water and the environment come together in the way we use and manage natural assets and landscapes.

Our policies and practices for land and water management must be based on the best available evidence and scholarship if they are to inform our leaders and all those connected with the land.

The Earth will need to support 9 billion people in 2050 with essentially the same land, water and marine resource base we have now.

These major global challenges require all-purpose and interconnected solutions.

Increasingly, our research focus must be at the intersection of disciplines like science, sociology, planning, policy development, economics, law, education and communication. The collaborative sum of our specialties and expertise is far greater than its parts.

The Australian Government's 2013 National Food Plan is an example of a forum in which Securing Food, Water and the Environment can play a role. We are a Foundation member of the Australian Government's Food Innovation Australia Limited.