Research members

Soil Sciences
Professor Ciaxian TangProfessor Plant-Soil interactions
Climate change and nutrient dynamics 
Soil acidification 
Rhizosphere and phosphorus acquisition 
Dr Peter Sale Associate Professor Plant-soil systems
Subsoil manuring 
Salinity management 
Farming systems research 
Dr Ian Porter Associate ProfessorSoil Health Research
Mitigation of nitrous oxide emissions in the national vegetable industry
Plant improvement and protection 
Plant improvement and protection
Professor Jim Whelan                                                       ProfessorPlant energy biology
Plant energy metabolism 
phosphate nutrition in plants
Dr Kim Plummer        Senior LecturerPlant Pathogen Biotechnology
Molecular interactions at the plant-fungal interface 
Professor Roger Parish and
Dr Song Li
Emeritus Professor 
Senior Research Fellow
Plant development and biotechnology
Dr Anthony GendallSenior Lecturer Plant development and physiology
Dr Alan Yen Associate ProfessorMass production of insects to be used as a source of protein
Livestock improvement and protection
Dr Mark Jois Senior Lecturer  Nutrition and fertility in dairy cows
Animal Health and survival of young
Professor Terry SpithillProfessor Parasitology
Dr Travis BeddoeSenior Lecturer Parasitic and bacterial disease
Dr Warwick Grant Associate Professor Nematode genetics
Dr Bert De GroefLecturer Molecular and developmental endocrinology
Food Safety
Dr Aniruddha DesaiSenior Research FellowRFID Track, Trace and Find
Water Resources and Policy
Dr Suzanne O'KeefeAssociate ProfessorCentre for Water Policy and Management
Dr John WebbAssociate ProfessorGroundwater research
Restoration ecology
Dr John Morgan LecturerRestoration of plant diversity in old fields
Dr Heloise GibbAssociate ProfessorRecolonisation of disturbed habitats by insects
Dr Peter GreenHead of DepartmentRecovering invaded ecosystems
Alpine ecology and iron geochemistry in aquatic systems 
Dr Ewen SilvesterAssociate Professor and ReaderAlpine ecology and iron geochemistry in aquatic systems
Dr Adela Harvey Practical Coordinator Diversity, distribution and conservation of coralline red algae 
Landscape Ecology and management
Professor Michael Clarke    Head of SchoolFire ecology and policy
Professor Andrew BennettProfessorThe ecology and conservation of fragmented ecosystems
Dr Warren Paul Lecturer Environmental and Statistical modelling
Evolution and evolutionary genetics
Dr Nick Murphy Lecturer   Animal conservation genetics
Dr Jan StrugnellAssociate ProfessorMolecular biodiversity

Dr Susan Hoebee

Research Lecturer

Plant conservation genetics

Animal, behaviour and physiology
Dr Ursual Ellenberg Lecturer    Seabird conservation physiology

Dr Kylie Robert

Senior Lecturer 

Ecological and evolutionary physiology of reproduction

Dr Martin Steinbauer

Associate Professor

Host plant detection by herbivores of Eucalyptus

Dr Richard Peters


Animal behaviour - evolution of animal signals

Dr John LeskuResearch FellowEvolutionary physiology of sleep
Environmental microbiology
Dr Ashley FranksSenior LecturerComposition of physiology of microbial communities in the environment
Dr Pauleen Bennett Associate Professor

Human (anthro) and animal (zoo) relationships