Research strengths and priorities

Research translation into policy and practice is weighted equally by this RFA with the processes that generate the evidence. Research that makes a difference to the lives of community members is an inherent commitment of this RFA. Partnerships with communities, practitioners and policy makers lead to research that is more readily translated into practice, through the co-construction of research priorities and programs. All research undertaken within this RFA will have a plan of research translation involving, but not limited to:

  • peer-reviewed conference presentations and journal articles
  • presentations at practitioner conferences and publication in practice journals
  • briefings with policy makers and other key stakeholders
  • plain English summaries of findings (including for research participants where possible or appropriate)
  • press releases and other dissemination activities in conjunction with Marketing and Engagement staff at La Trobe
  • seeking of funding for translational projects based on RFA-generated research evidence
  • the development of health resources targeted for specific populations
  • the development and delivery of in-service training, seminars or conferences for health practitioners and other potential end-users of the research
  • the development of short courses building on the programmatic work of this RFA.

We will have an active portfolio of evaluation research and seek to build the skills and capacity of those with whom we work to carry out their own monitoring and evaluation. Continuous improvement of research accountability will be achieved through monitoring of research outputs and translational activities to ensure they are adequately addressing significant issues and problems Showcasing translational activities to develop the trust and respect of future research participants, stakeholders andresearch 1 funders will be fundamental to the ongoing success of the RFA.

Research themes

The eight inter-connected theme areas comprise:

  • Aboriginal and Indigenous Health
  • Gender Specific Health
  • Healthy Ageing
  • Health Behaviours and Risk Factors
  • Improving Health Services and Systems
  • Living with Disability
  • Mental Health
  • Mobilising Communities for Health and Well-being

Specific research questions are:

  • How can social and economic policies and health, educational and human services optimise the health and wellbeing of communities?
  • How can the health and wellbeing of under-served and disadvantaged groups and communities be best served?
  • How can excellent health and wellbeing across the life course be achieved?
  • How can the health and social and educational systems in the Asia Pacific region, which engage communities, be best supported?