La Trobe University is committed to addressing the big issues that matter to our world. We have a long and proud history of interdisciplinary research. La Trobe already has an international reputation for research promoting health and wellbeing, with one of the largest health sciences faculties in Australia. We are now fostering new partnerships to build on our strengths.

Our partnerships and collaborations

We have a wide range of local, state-based, national and international partnerships that we wish to strengthen and deepen. We aim to foster debate and dialogue, and we will find new ways of partnering at all levels of community and government.

Partnerships for improving health systems and services:

Partnerships for healthy ageing:

Partnerships for health behaviours and risk factors:

Partnerships for living with disability:

Partnerships for mental health:

Other Partners

  • Alzheimer's Australia Research Ltd
    - Alzheimer's research in care and prevention
  • Multiple Sclerosis Australia
    - World-class multiple sclerosis drug candidate research
  • NEC Corporation
    - Robotic intelligence systems to improve aged and dementia healthcare
  • Royal Melbourne Hospital and The Alfred Hospital
    - Nursing training and community health research
  • Autism Specific Early Learning and Child Care National Clinical Evaluation Group, Parenting Research Centre, Early Days Autism Research Group, Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER), Australasian Society for Autism Research (ASfAR)
    - World-leading early detection of children at risk of autism
  • Lowitja

Our members

Our membership is drawn from across the University, and includes research groups such as:

A list of researchers who have expressed an interest in working within the RFA themes of interest will be maintained for communication purposes. All staff will have access to the RFA intranet page.