Spoke groups


The spokes are themes of research involving researchers from across La Trobe University, including:

  • Ageing in the community – community services, rural services, social isolation
  • Biological ageing – biological changes in vision and hearing, swallowing and communication-related disorders
  • Economic participation and ageing workers – workforce participation, retention and recruitment of mature age workers, retirement
  • Emotional wellbeing and cognitive health – memory and attention, mild cognitive impairment, cognitive-behavioural interventions, cognitive changes with age, mental health
  • Global issues – socioeconomic and cultural determinants of ageing and aged care models, population movements, and aged care systems
  • Health and aged care workforce – recruitment, retention, and turnover
  • Healthy ageing and diversity – ageing in people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds or diverse sexualities
  • Housing – social and built environment; supportive design; ageing in place
  • Informal care – retirement, mature age workers, caregivers, baby boomers
  • Physical health and disability – complex health issues, dementia, frailty, ill health, disability
  • Quality of care – care provision, residential aged care, health services, models of care, palliative care and end of life
  • Sexuality and gender health issues – community services, rural services, social isolation
  • Spirituality – connectedness and meaning of life
  • Technology – use of technology in all aspects of ageing

HARG is a consortium member of the International Longevity Centre Global Alliance Australia & of the Network of Australian Association of Gerontology Collaborating Centres.