Vision and Goals


The vision for the Building Healthy Communities RFA is to achieve better health and wellbeing for communities in Australia and the Asia Pacific.

Better health has been described as encompassing increased life expectancy, as well as social goals such as equity, affordability and quality of life.

As well as improving health outcomes, our vision is to ensure the environments in which we live, work and socialise are health enhancing and sustaining.

We focus particularly on communities at disadvantage.  Our values of equity, social inclusion, social justice and human rights are fundamental to our research focus.


The primary aim of the Building Healthy Communities RFA is the achievement of excellent and equitable health and wellbeing for communities throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Through the Building Healthy Communities RFA, we aim to produce better research and hence better evidence on health, wellbeing and social inclusion. We intend to focus on research that can translate effectively into equitable improvements in healthcare delivery, community services, work and educational outcomes and can achieve changes that enhance health and wellbeing in our communities and in the Asia Pacific region.

The goals of the Building Healthy Communities RFA are to contribute to the achievement of the University's Future Ready goals in relation to research, specifically to:

  1. Double research income over five years from a baseline of 2010
  2. Attract and maintain significant partnerships with external funding and research partners
  3. Provide a world-class environment for the development of research talent (ECRs and HDR students)
  4. Promote a credible claim of strong competitive research advantage by La Trobe in relation to building healthy communities
  5. Make a significant contribution to ERA performance as assessed in the relevant Field of Research (FoR) codes

Our key research themes

Our research themes and priorities reflect our strengths and our aspirations for a better, healthier society.  These are:

  • How can social and economic policies and health, educational and human services optimise the health and wellbeing of communities?
  • How can the health and wellbeing of under-served and disadvantaged groups and communities be best served?research image
  • How can excellent health and wellbeing across the life course be achieved?
  • How can the health and social and educational systems in the Asia Pacific region, which engage communities, be best supported?

Making a Difference

At the core of the Building Healthy communities RFA is the commitment to a comprehensive interdisciplinary collaborative effort emphasising research that is rapidly disseminated and translated to make a profound and practical difference to the health and wellbeing of communities throughout Australia and our region.

Our Strategic Plan

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