bhc imageBuilding Healthy Communities RFA research addresses issues of global importance with emphasis on research that will translate effectively into equitable improvements in health care delivery, community services, employment and educational outcomes for communities in Australia and in our region of the world – the Asia Pacific.

Recent advances in science, health and technology have answered many questions about what makes us healthier and happier yet we still face many challenges in translating those research findings into policies and practices that benefit all Australians, especially those most disadvantaged, vulnerable and marginalised in our society. Challenges in the future will be our ageing population, the growing complexity of chronic disease & mental health, education and the social, emotional & environmental determinants of health and wellbeing.

We know that building and sustaining healthy communities hinges on translating scientific findings into real, workable and equitable improvements in community services, healthcare delivery, educational and employment outcomes. Our highly experienced researchers have the passion and knowledge to help make that ambition a reality – to develop solutions that make positive changes to the health and wellbeing of all communities.


La Trobe University is committed to solving global problems and improving the health and welfare of all Australians. We have a fine history as an excellent university with an enduring social conscience.

La Trobe's leadership in areas of research, scholarship and learning are underpinned by our significant infrastructure and outstanding staff. To inform our research and scholarship priorities and build on our strengths and capabilities, five Research Focus Areas have been identified:

  1. Building Healthy Communities
  2. Understanding Disease
  3. Transforming Human Societies
  4. Securing Food, Water and the Environment
  5. Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation

Through the Building Healthy Communities RFA, we aim to produce better research and hence better evidence on health, wellbeing and social inclusion. We intend to focus on and support research that can be translated effectively into equitable improvements in healthcare delivery, community services, work and educational outcomes that will in turn enhance health and wellbeing in our communities and communities in our region - the Asia Pacific.

Director's Message

A welcome from our Director, Professor Alan Shiell.