Writing circles for graduate researchers

A writing circle is a group that supports graduate researchers who want to develop and enhance their research writing skills.

How does it work?

Each writing circle consists of approximately 5-8 graduate researchers who meet regularly, read each other's writing pieces and give feedback. Each writing circle has a facilitator, either a student-participant or an interested staff member, who is responsible for the coordination of activities and group facilitation during meetings.

La Trobe staff will help the group to set up a writing circle and facilitate the first meeting. Writing circles will run with a minimum of five participants.

Why should I join?

Evidence suggests that writing groups provide a valuable learning space for research graduates. The benefits of participating in a writing circle include:

  • developing research writing and communication skills
  • getting feedback on drafts
  • sharing writing strategies and resources
  • developing reflection and editing skills
  • meeting other research students with similar interests and building a support network.

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