Social justice in Japan’s education system

Schooling in Japan has become more inclusive due to the incorporation of diversity in teaching, writes Rebecca Borg

Health information systems and China's COVID-19 response

Digital databases used to collect important health information are crucial in China's fight against infectious diseases, but such systems don’t exist without flaws

Exploring Buddhist tourism across Asia

Buddhist sites hold great potential for tourism in Asia, but need to be managed sustainably.

The impact of trade agreements on public health

Existing trade agreements will be crucial to the distribution of a cure for COVID-19, writes Shazma Gaffoor.

What influences our eating decisions?

A global study has examined the details of modern vs traditional eating

Oppressed vs Endangered Languages

The discourse around endangerment linguistics need to be challenged to accurately communicate the oppression occurring, writes Rebecca Connell.

Middle Bronze Age burials in Cyprus

Finds from Middle Bronze Age burials on the north coast of Cyprus were excavated a century ago, but we are only now understanding what they contained, writes Shazma Gaffoor.

Refugee integration success – the United Kingdom’s post-war legacy

The Kindertransport effort, which bought refugee children to the UK during World War Two, is an example of the positive contribution refugees can make to their host society, writes Rebecca Connell.

Employability experiences of Chinese graduates from Australia in China

Chinese students express a greater desire to return to home after studies, and new challenges.

Australian scientists lead the way in future proofing the dairy industry

Dairy farmers are benefiting in herd improvement thanks to vital genetic research, writes Rebecca Connell.

La Trobe excels in Education

Five subjects are in the top 200 this year

Balancing progress and heritage in Ahmedabad

Much of the character of the city is at risk in the rush of modernisation.

Sexual Health of Gay and Bisexual men in Sub-Sahara Africa

Gay and bisexual men may be the most vulnerable population for HIV in Sub-Sahara Africa, writes Shazma Gaffoor.

Livestock disease costs Australian farmers millions

Nematodes are disrupting Australia’s livestock industry costing over 400 million each year, writes Shazma Gaffoor

Understanding Lava Lizards in Ecuador, including the Galápagos Islands

PhD Student Estefania “Tefa” Boada Viteri is working to develop the fascinating field of behavioural ecology in Ecuador with the assistance of local volunteers, writes Rebecca Connell.

Who pays for your drinks?

Australian researchers lead a global research program on how drinking can bring harm to others, writes Shazma Gaffoor.

The impacts of lower limb amputation on Bangladeshi citizens

Research sheds light on the profound cultural, economic, and spiritual impacts of traumatic injury for Bangladeshi individuals.

Exploring Second Language Acquisition in Chinese Children

Research into child second language acquisition has shown there are risks that bilingual children are incorrectly diagnosed with language disorders or learning disabilities.

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