Comparing regulations for genome edited plants

Transparency in regulations plays a key factor in reducing the negative perception of genetically edited plants and animals

Live streaming in sports during the pandemic era

Sport teams are increasingly using social media to engage with fans during the pandemic.

Cats perceive more than meets the eye

Research investigating cats’ susceptibility to illusory contours shows they percieve space in much the same ways as humans.

La Trobe in world's top 250 universities

La Trobe ranked 218 in Times Higher Education World Uni Rankings

COVID-19 complications with pre-existing diseases

A study by Associate Professor Hayder Al-Aubaidy has examined the long-term implications of COVID-19 and chronic diseases.

Safeguarding small-scale farms in China

Government concern for the agricultural industry in China is seeing a push for big corporate farming despite smallholder farms remaining viable.

Promoting healthy biomes in China’s rice supply

Human disturbances are endangering microbial species crucial in the role of food production in China, writes Rebecca Borg.

New La Trobe cyber security collaboration with India

A new collaboration with India is aving the way to a safer cyberspace after acquiring a grant from the Australian government, writes Rebecca Borg

Shaping an eco-friendly sports culture

A bidirectional relationship between sport and nature is paving the way to a more sustainable world, writes Rebecca Borg

Seeking health advice using Voice Assistant apps

Patients are resorting to artificial intelligence to seek medical advice and it could be affecting their health, writes Rebecca Borg

Super-resolution microscopy in detecting DNA double strand breaks

New high-resolution microscopic technology has enabled researchers to make ground breaking discoveries about the role proteins have in homologous recombination, writes Rebecca Borg

Contraception in Rohingya refugee camps

The call to educate more Rohingya men and women on sexual and reproductive health in Rohingya refugee camps, writes Rebecca Borg

Fish microbial communities in the Amazon River Basin

New research reveals that fish skin and gut microbiomes respond differently to species and habitat-specific factors

La Trobe’s global impact recognised

La Trobe is ranked fourth in the world for impact

Social justice in Japan’s education system

Schooling in Japan has become more inclusive due to the incorporation of diversity in teaching, writes Rebecca Borg

Health information systems and China's COVID-19 response

Digital databases used to collect important health information are crucial in China's fight against infectious diseases, but such systems don’t exist without flaws

Exploring Buddhist tourism across Asia

Buddhist sites hold great potential for tourism in Asia, but need to be managed sustainably.

The impact of trade agreements on public health

Existing trade agreements will be crucial to the distribution of a cure for COVID-19, writes Shazma Gaffoor.

What influences our eating decisions?

A global study has examined the details of modern vs traditional eating

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