Graduate Research Scholarships

Applications are NOW OPEN

We are pleased to announce that our latest graduate research scholarship round is now open.

There are many reasons to choose La Trobe University for your graduate research degree. You will be attending one of Australia's leading research universities and gain access to our world-class research centres and institutes. La Trobe graduate researchers, working alongside our research staff, are making a real difference in the world.

Our graduate researchers have access to an outstanding professional development program along with opportunities to gain industry experience, through mentorship, internship and industry PhD programs, and to work with our network of global research partners.

La Trobe University has a proud history of conducting research to address pressing societal needs. Our researchers work in partnership with community groups, industry and government to create opportunities and address issues of local, national and global importance. Our research positively impacts the communities we serve.

Aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, our research is focused on five key priority areas:  sustainable food & agriculture, resilient environments & communities, healthy people, families & communities, understanding & preventing disease and social change & equity.

Scholarships are available for PhD, professional doctorate and Masters by research degrees. Successful scholarship applicants will receive a stipend, tuition fee scholarship and allowances. Applications close 30 September for international applicants and 31 October for Australian or New Zealand citizens and Australian Permanent Residents.

Applications for the following scholarships are now open:

Project-based PhD scholarships

Apply for a scholarship to complete a PhD on a specific topic with one of our world-class research teams.  To see available projects across a diverse range of research areas visit our project-based scholarships page.

Research Training Program scholarships

If you prefer to choose your own research topic, our Research Training Program scholarships are available for doctoral or masters research across all areas of research at La Trobe. You must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or Australian Permanent Resident to apply.

Dennis McDermott Research scholarships

The Dennis McDermott Research Scholarships are awarded to indigenous students of exceptional research promise to undertake a graduate research degree at La Trobe University, and includes an additional top-up stipend and research support allowance on top of a standard Research Training Program scholarship. You must be an Australian citizen or Australian Permanent Resident and of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin to apply.

Research Equity Scholarships

Research Equity scholarships are available to graduate research candidates who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders, have a disability or who come from a low socio-economic background. You can apply for a topic of your choice for doctoral or masters research, as well as for the projects advertised in the project-based PhD scholarships. You must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or Australian Permanent Resident to apply.

Medicinal Agriculture PhD Scholarships

La Trobe is offering several Medicinal Agriculture scholarships through the  ARC Research Hub for Medicinal Agriculture for PhD candidates to undertake research aimed at improving the profitability and sustainability of medicinal agriculture for primary producers and adding value for pharmaceutical manufacturers and end users. Contact to express your interest and discuss project opportunities.

La Trobe University – Sheffield Hallam University Joint PhD Program Scholarships

La Trobe University is offering PhD scholarships to undertake a joint PhD with Sheffield Hallam University, UK, in the areas of sport, food, health and wellbeing. Candidates in the joint program will benefit from the research community, networking and collaborations of the SHU/LTU global strategic partnership and will spend one year of study in the UK. On completion, candidates will be awarded a PhD jointly by La Trobe and Sheffield Hallam University.

La Trobe University – Bayreuth University Joint PhD Program Scholarships

La Trobe University is offering PhD scholarships to undertake a joint PhD with Bayreuth University, Germany, in the areas of sport technology and integrity in sport. Candidates in the joint program will spend one year of study in Germany and, on completion, will be awarded a PhD jointly by La Trobe and Bayreuth University.

La Trobe University – European X-ray Free-Electron Laser Facility (Eu-XFEL) PhD Program Scholarships

La Trobe University is offering PhD scholarships to undertake a PhD in collaboration with the EuXFEL in Hamburg, Germany. Candidates in the program will work in the area of biomedical and life sciences, with a particular focus on health and drug discovery, and spend one year of study in Germany working with scientists in a unique environment offering state-of-the-art imaging.

Other scholarship opportunities

We also offer a range of specialist scholarships, including scholarships for industry and international partnership projects, which have their own applications requirements and deadlines. You can search for all open graduate research scholarships in the University’s scholarship database.