Scholarships Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Future candidates

What scholarships are available at La Trobe?

There are three broad categories of scholarships available to higher degree by research candidates at La Trobe:

  • RTP Fee Offset scholarships available to Australian and NZ citizens and Australian Permanent Residents
  • Full fee scholarships available to international applicants to fund the tuition fees
  • Stipend scholarships to assist with living expenses.

Read more on living allowance, tuition fee scholarships and externally funded scholarships.

How do I know if I’m eligible to apply for a scholarship?

Check the eligibility requirements. They will be listed under each scholarship detailed on our website.

You will need at least a four-year Honours degree from an Australian university at H1 standard – or an approved international equivalent. You’ll also need to meet the entry requirements for your course (including any English language requirements). You will only be able to undertake your scholarship externally with the approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Domestic applicants who have already completed a doctoral degree may hold a RTP Fees Offset Scholarship, but are not eligible to receive a stipend scholarship. International applicants who have completed a doctoral degree are not eligible to receive a fees or stipend scholarship.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Complete an application form. But before you fill out the form you’ll need to identify a supervisor and check your eligibility. Read detailed information on both these steps. Combined scholarship and candidature application forms for local and international applicants are also available on the above page.

Can I hold more than one scholarship?

Yes – but note that if you are receiving an RTP stipend scholarship or a La Trobe Postgraduate Research Scholarship, your second stipend scholarship may be no more than 75 per cent of the value of your primary stipend.

Can I receive a scholarship if I study part time?

Yes – in some circumstances.

Part-time RTP Fees Offset scholarships are available to all domestic candidates approved to study part-time.

Part-time RTP Stipends are available in limited circumstances, e.g. where you have family or caring commitments or a medical condition.

La Trobe Full Fee Research Scholarships are typically awarded to international students on a student visa who must be enrolled on a full-time basis. If there are any exceptions to this please contact the GRS at for advice.

When do I find out if I have been successful in my scholarship application?

If you apply in the main round of scholarships in September/October you will receive an email confirming whether you have been successful towards the end of December. Scholarships awarded out of session are confirmed approximately eight weeks after the application closing date.

Is there a deadline for applying for scholarships?

Yes – international applicants must apply by 30 September annually and local applicants (Australian and NZ citizens and Australian Permanent Residents) must apply by 31 October each year.

Applications received at other times are considered on a case-by-case basis either as a bridging scholarship or for specific scholarship programs with a different advertised closing date. Any applications made at other times that are unsuccessful will be considered during the next end-of-year round, unless the application is withdrawn.

How do I know if my application has been received?

You will receive an email noting that your application has been received.

Do I need to maintain eligibility once I’ve been offered a scholarship?

Yes – the conditions of your scholarship will be sent to you with your offer letter. You will need to adhere to these throughout the tenure of your scholarship.

When will my scholarship be paid?

You will receive your scholarship payment fortnightly on a Friday into your nominated bank account.

Will I have to pay fees to do a research degree?

That depends:

  • International candidates who are not currently in receipt of a fee scholarship will need to pay tuition fees. There is a different fee for every course and you fill find these on Find a Course here.
  • All domestic candidates (Australian and NZ citizens and Australian Permanent Residents) must pay an annual student services and amenities fee. Australian citizens only may defer the cost of this fee through FEE HELP.
  • Domestic candidates who received a scholarship offer after 21 June 2017 and whose RTP Fees Offset scholarship has expired will need to pay up to the equivalent current value of the RTP Fees Offset amount. The maximum full-time periods of support for an RTP Fees Offset scholarship are four years for a Doctoral research degree and two years for a Master’s by research degree.
  • Domestic candidates who enrol or received a scholarship before 21 June 2017 will not have to pay the value of the fees offset amount in the event they are granted an extension to their candidature beyond the maximum period of support.

How are scholarships awarded at La Trobe?

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit and a consideration of targeted areas of research strength at the University, including commitments to new academic appointments and partnerships, and awarded competitive grants.

All eligible applications received by the relevant deadlines are allocated a score equivalent to a La Trobe University honours grade on the basis of their prior qualifications and then placed in a ranked list of applicants for the available scholarship/s.

Schools will nominate a minimum of 30 per cent of their allocated scholarships to the top-ranked applicants across all research areas within the school. The remaining ranked applicants will be nominated on merit to scholarships allocated to target areas of research within the school.

After school ranking is complete the Board of Graduate Research will determine which school-ranked applicants will receive the relevant award.

All offers of candidature made to domestic candidates will be accompanied by an offer of a RTP Fees Offset Scholarship (domestic candidates) independently of whether they are also to receive a stipend under any other scholarship scheme.

When do scholarships end?

That depends on the scholarship:


RTP Fees Offset  Scholarship (Domestic)

La Trobe Full Fee Research (International)

RTP Stipend Scholarship

La Trobe Postgraduate Research Scholarship


4 years FTE

4 years FTE

3.5 years FTE (including extension)

3.5 years FTE (including extension)

Master’s by research

2 years FTE

2 years FTE

2 years FTE

2 years FTE