Continuing candidates

Do I have to reapply for my scholarship each year?

No. Your scholarship will continue with your enrolment.

Under the new policy, do the conditions of my scholarships still apply?

Yes, you will still have to meet the conditions of your scholarship.

I was awarded an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA). I can't find references to it.

From 1 January 2017, the Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) ceased and was replaced by the Research Training Program (RTP). All APA students transitioned to RTP scholarships from 1 January 2017.


How can I get an extension for my scholarship?

New and continuing doctoral candidates who hold a stipend scholarship do not need to apply for an extension to their stipend – the maximum period of support includes provision for a six-month extension where studies have been delayed due to circumstances beyond the candidate’s control and related to the program of study and/or research rather than personal circumstances. If personal circumstances  delay your capacity to complete on time, you will need to consider applying for a Leave of Absence. If you need additional time enrolled in your degree due to very exceptional circumstances, please contact

I receive a scholarship funded by my department? How can I extend that?

You will need approval from whoever is funding your scholarship. Approach your supervisor in the first instance.

I have already received an extension to my stipend. Can I receive a second one?

That depends. If you have received an extension (or extensions) to your doctoral stipend scholarship of less than six months full-time equivalent combined, we will apply a further extension to your stipend up to the maximum period of support. Master’s by research stipend holders have already been allocated for the full period of support. Extensions beyond this period are only granted in very exceptional circumstances.


Will taking a leave of absence affect my scholarship?

Yes – your scholarship end date will be extended by the period of approved leave.

Can I go on sick leave or parental leave and still receive my scholarship payment?

Yes – in some circumstances. Check the details of your scholarship – you may need to have been enrolled for a minimum period of time to receive parental leave from some scholarships. Paid sick and parental leave will need documentary evidence before it is approved.


I’ve been overpaid? What happens now?

Typically, you will need to pay the money back to the University. You may also be able to negotiate an extended period of unpaid leave or an earlier termination date. For this reason we strongly encourage you to apply for leave at least two weeks before you need to wherever possible.

Do I receive a payment summary for my scholarship at the end of the financial year?

Only part-time scholarships are taxable and therefore only part-time scholarship recipients receive a PAYG (Pay As You Go) Summary Statement.

Is my scholarship taxed?

RTP Fees Offset and La Trobe Full Fee Research Scholarships are not taxed. If you receive stipend scholarship and are enrolled part-time, the scholarship it will be taxed. Stipend scholarships for full-time study are not taxed.

Candidature changes

I want to transfer from a Master’s to a PhD. How will that affect my scholarship?

You will be eligible for any remaining scholarship entitlement based on your current commencement date and the degree into which you are transferring. For example, if you transfer from a Master’s by Research to a PhD after 18 months, you will be be entitled to a further 24 months of stipend support, which in total is the 3.5 year maximum for doctoral candidates.

I want to transfer from a PhD to a Master’s. Can I keep my scholarship?

You will be eligible for any remaining scholarship entitlement based on your current commencement date and the degree into which you are transferring. For example, if you transfer from a doctoral degree to a Master’s by research degree after 18 months, you will be entitled to a further six months of stipend support, which is the two year maximum for Master’s by research candidates. If you transfer from a doctoral program after more than two years full-time enrolment, you will not be eligible for any further stipend payments.

I’m transferring from/to another university. Can I bring my scholarship with me?

No, La Trobe scholarships and Commonwealth government RTP scholarships are not transferable between institutions.

If my application is successful, can I delay the commencement date of my scholarship?

Yes – normally the scholarship should be taken up no later that 31 March in the year for which the scholarship is offered. Any extension beyond this date must be approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies; if you need more time than that, please contact