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Graduate Research School main office

John Scott Meeting House
T: +61 3 9479 3640

Campus map reference H6 [PDF 1.5MB]. Car park 7 is the closest car park.

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The Melbourne office is open from 9.00am - 4.45pm, Monday to Friday.


The Graduate Research School (GRS) comprises four specialist teams that are dedicated to the different stages and requirements of the graduate researcher journey. Learn more about our vision and the teams that comprise the Graduate Research School.

Graduate research student support

General enquiries

College Liaison Team

Rebecca Lubansky – College Liaison Manager
Lyndon Pratt – Graduate Research Senior Advisor
Jodie Kennedy – Graduate Research Senior Advisor
Kate Amarant – Graduate Research Advisor
Natalie Rhook – Graduate Research Advisor
Sam Spiers – Graduate Research Advisor
Sophie Korze – Graduate Research Advisor

For ASSC-related enquiries:
For SHE-related enquiries:
For all progress-related enquiries:

Research Education and Development Team (RED)

Dr Jeanette Fyffe – Research Education and Development Manager
Dr Dan Bendrups – Lecturer, Research Education and Development
Dr James Burford – Lecturer, Research Education and Development
Dr Tseen Khoo – Lecturer, Research Education and Development
Vincent Dao – Research Education and Development Co-ordinator

Graduate Research School Operations

Raylee Pasalis – Operations Manager
Lyle Matheson – Graduate Research Senior Officer
Rosemary Iacono – Graduate Research Officer
Claire McLoon - Graduate Research Officer
Rebecca Le Get – Graduate Research Officer
Sophie Korze – Graduate Research Officer (Examinations)
Fiona Sawyer – Graduate Research Officer (Examinations)
Claire Ritchie – Graduate Research Officer (Examinations)

Graduate Research School Executive

Professor Chris Pakes – Dean of Graduate Studies
Associate Professor Adam Mechler - Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies
Dr Clare McCausland – Senior Manager, Graduate Research School
Dr Jeanette Fyffe – Research Education and Development Manager

Graduate Research School Strategic Support

Yetty Daramola - Senior Governance and Policy Coordinator
Dr Maria Platt – Senior Project Coordinator
Lise Leitner - Senior Research Communications Advisor
Antoanela Safca - Senior Research Communications Advisor
Vacant - Senior Data Analyst

Industry and community engagement and partnerships

Dr Maria Platt - Senior Project Coordinator

La Trobe International

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