We are studying the earliest cellular events in cancer to develop new chemo-preventative strategies for breast and prostate cancer. Our research will involve proof of principle basic and pre-clinical studies. Ultimately, we want to undertake human clinical trials of novel therapeutic agents to implement early intervention and prevention of cancer.

Cancer initiation and the microenvironment

To identify and test biomarkers, we are studying the first molecular changes in cancer cells and the immune surveillance systems that protect us from cancer.

Precision Medicine

To generate specific targets for drug discovery, our researchers will also probe the molecular mechanisms that underlie lifestyle factors such as diet and nutrition that may alter cancer risk.

Barriers to molecular cancer prevention

Uptake of molecular treatments and delivery to the community are barriers to cancer prevention programs. We are developing new implementation models and guidelines to overcome this.

New cancer prevention therapies

We will translate our findings to patients via clinical trials of candidate and newly identified preventative therapies.