Cybersecurity hub PhD Students

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Project title

Principal Supervisor


Mr Edirisinghe Arachchige Tharindu Dushan Edirisinghe

Developing a Framework for Software Engineering Process to Incorporate GDPR

Dr Abdun Mahmood

Ms Weerawarnakurukulasooriya Matheesha Patalie Boosabaduge Fernando

Developing a Threat Model for Organisations to Understand the Vulnerability: A Phishing Threat Prevention Perspective

Dr Abdun Mahmood

Miss Quynh Tu Ngo

Applying Artificial Intelligence Technologies for Cross-layer Resource Allocation in 5G IoT Networks

Dr Khoa Phan

Mr Abdulrahman Hassan A ALHAZMI

Developing a Framework to Understand Users' Privacy and Risk Perceptions of Sharing Health Information over the Social Media Network using Machine Learning Techniques

Dr Nalin Asanka Gamagedara Arachchilage

Mr Miriyathantrige Chandima Lakmal Perera

Investigating of Privacy Preserving Technologies to Improve Data Sharing in Higher Education

Dr Nalin Asanka Gamagedara Arachchilage

Mr Abdulkarim Mohammad S Algarni

Is Complying with Information Security Policies Sufficient in Protecting an Organisation's Data?

Dr Naveen Chilamkurti

Mr Haftu Tasew Reda

Industrial Internet of Things Security Based on Machine Learning

Dr Abdun Mahmood

Mr Saeed Omar Bamashmos

Security and Privacy Issues on the Internet

Dr Naveen Chilamkurti

Mr Jordan Joseph Plotnek

Measuring Control System Resilience to Cyber-Physical Threat in a Satellite Context

Dr Abdun Mahmood

Mr Pascal Maniriho

Development of a framework for digital forensics triage (DFT) in law enforcement for cyber and technology enabled crime

Dr Abdun Mahmood

Ms Dalal Hanna

Protecting a corporate network from insider and outsider attack

Dr Prakash Veeraraghavan

Mr Nawaf Hamdan T Alhalafi

Smart City Communication Network

Dr Prakash Veeraraghavan

Mrs Duaa Fatima

Physical Layer security for Satellite based IoT Edge Services with Deep Reinforcement Learning for Energy Efficiency

Dr Tommy Huynh

Mrs Yasmeen Parveen

Block Chain Security

Dr Abdun Mahmood

Mr Zachary Auhl

Two-layer multi-factor authentication for satellite security using blockchain

Dr Naveen Chilamkurti

Mr Daniel McIntosh

When AI creates drugs:

How should data and intellectual property for drugs created using AI be regulated and incentivised?

Dr Kayes Kayes