Youth drinking trends

We run a series of projects that examine trends and changes in alcohol consumption and related harms.

Research team:

  • Amy Pennay,
  • Michael Livingston,
  • Gabriel Caluzzi,
  • Rakhi Vashishtha
  • Sarah Callinan

Understanding recent Australian trends in alcohol consumption and harm

Led by Dr Michael Livingston, this project examines population trends in drinking patterns, attitudes and alcohol-related harms, explaining the divergence between markers of alcohol problems and consumption rates over recent decades. By using existing survey and administrative data sources, we can further explore whether, attitudes to alcohol have shifted in recent years.


Examining the factors shaping recent developments in youth drinking cultures

In the past fifteen years, rates of alcohol consumption by teenagers has declined steadily in Australia. Led by Dr Amy Pennay, this mixed method project explores these changes. The study involves two main components.

  1. The collection of qualitative data from light- or non-drinking young people to examine the role of alcohol in their social lives and explore their explanations for these practices.
  2. The collation and reanalysis of relevant historical survey data to explore changes in social factors that may have caused this behaviour, i.e. parenting practices.