Pricing and policy

In Australia, there are over 5500 deaths and 157,000 hospitalizations attributable to alcohol consumption every year. The mortality and morbidity rates due to heavy drinking are substantial in Australia.

The odds of these alcohol related harms could be halved by reforming the alcohol tax system or introducing a floor price per standard drink. Finding effective price policy interventions to address harmful use of alcohol among different sub-populations is a critical priority for Australian public health policy.

Led by Dr Heng (Jason) Jiang, this project examines the potential role of alcohol pricing policies in reducing health inequalities, and health and social harms among sub-populations in Australia. We intend for the results of this project to be used in both future policy debate and action on alcohol tax reform.

Project aims

  • measure the effects of different alcohol pricing policies on consumption rates among different Australian subpopulations (i.e. based on age, income level etc.)
  • estimate the effects of alcohol pricing policies on health and social outcomes;
  • discover the effects of alcohol pricing policies on health inequalities using area-based socioeconomic groups and income levels;
  • conduct cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analysis of pricing policies.

Research Team:

  • Robin Room
  • Jason Jiang
  • Michael Livingston
  • Sarah Callinan