Trauma sensitive yoga and meditation

Trauma sensitive yoga and meditation is offered for parents and carers of children attending taekwondo sessions.

You’re invited to participate in activities designed to reduce stress and promote wellbeing in a safe environment.

The yoga component is based on that of the Trauma Centre’s Trauma Sensitive Yoga. It includes gentle movements with a focus on breathing while seated on a chair, reducing tension in the body and calming the mind. Short videos are available online if you would like to practice at home.

The meditation component takes the form of a guided practice with a focus on feeling safe and taking some time for self-care.

Who can attend?

Parents and carers of children attending Taekwondo

When is it held?

On Mondays, 5.15 pm–5.45 pm while children are in the taekwondo class. Yoga and meditation group does not run on the Mondays of taekwondo grading and presentation as these are significant events for parents to observe their child(ren) and note their achievements at the end of each term.


The Bouverie Centre, 8 Gardiner St, Brunswick, VIC 3056.


There is no cost for this group.

What to bring

Just come as you are, no special clothing nor equipment required.

Interested in joining?

Contact Julie Beauchamp on (03) 8481 4800.