Specific practice approaches

  • Thursday 20 October 01:00pm
    This in-person half-day implementation focused training is the practice companion to The Bouverie Centre’s Single Session Thinking (SST) self-paced online course. SST involves approaching the first session as if it will be the last, whilst creating opportunities for further work if requested by the client. This training is designed to consolidate your SST knowledge and enhance the application of these ideas in your clinical practice.

  • Thursday 10 November 09:00am
    his half-day live stream workshop, presented by The Bouverie Centre, complements our No Bullshit Therapy (NBT) self-paced online course. It supports the content of the self-paced online modules by building on your existing knowledge of NBT as a way to work respectfully with all people, including those reluctant to engage.

Self-paced online courses

No Bullshit Therapy (NBT) is about being authentic - even in difficult situations and with clients we find challenging. Turn fearful situations into workable contracts, by establishing motivation congruence and clarifying responsibility and accountability, driven by respect and transparent use of non-toxic power to empower.

Creating a context for mutual honesty and directness, sometimes just by stating how you like to work, can be liberating and productive, especially with people who are forced to attend counselling, suspicious of the counsellor and distrustful of institutions. When combined with warmth, care and respect for the contraints of the work, a counsellor who avoids jargon and uses an honest and direct approach can enhance intimacy and trust, especially with those who hate therapy.

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Single Session Thinking (SST) describes a model of service delivery that acknowledges the likelihood that many clients will access a service only once or twice. This approach makes the most of each encounter with clients by treating each contact, but especially the first, as though it may be the only contact, while laying the foundation for ongoing work, if required and requested by the client.

This self-paced online course introduces the research and clinical observations underlying SST and will take you through a variety of practical applications of the model and will allow you to explore implementation strategies for various service settings.

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