About the challenge

The Technology Infusion Grand Challenge (TIGC) invites you to use new technologies to solve today's pressing problems. We want you to use your insight, drive and tech-ability to bring your innovation to life.

This competition is a collaboration between La Trobe’s Centre of Technology Infusion, La Trobe Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programs, the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences and the La Trobe Business School in Melbourne who will guide you throughout the challenge, and will provide the winning team a two-week all-expense paid mentorship stay.

Challenge theme: Smart City Innovation

No region in the world is urbanizing faster than Asia, and Asian cities have their own unique challenges which are different from European cities.

With urban growth also come challenges of economic growth, sustainability, efficiency, and liveability. This year we are inviting you to use technology to help solve your own city's challenges.

How does the competition work?

The competition is open to undergraduate students in their final 2 years from Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Business courses.

Part One

Form a team of three to five students, and submit your high-level concept or idea via the registration page – registrations open from 1 October 2022  to 20 December 2022.

Ideally, the project chosen could also be the final year undergraduate major project of the student team, with the topic aligned to this year's TIGC theme.

If your application is accepted, during the semester you will work to validate and refine your concept. Online materials will be available from La Trobe Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programs to help guide you, including market validation, intellectual property, business strategy, entrepreneurial selling and pitching.

Towards the end of the semester your team is required to upload a video presenting your concept and design. The top teams will be given a small investment of up to a AUD$1,000 to make a final prototype. These winners are decided by TIGC's panel of judges. At this stage, all teams are required to submit a letter of support signed by the Head of Department of your Institution acknowledging your participation in this competition. This is mandatory in order to receive an investment.

Part Two

The second part of the challenge focuses on making a working prototype and fleshing out its business case.

It’s about validating your problem with first hand insight and refining the solution.

The teams who did not succeed in winning an investment in stage-one will be encouraged to work harder to enhance their concept and solution, and if they demonstrate significant progress, they will still be considered for the selection of the final winner.

At the end of the challenge (planned for November 2023), teams will present their working concept at a show case event. The Showcase Event will be held before an international jury in a location and on a date to be notified by La Trobe. La Trobe may determine that the Showcase Event be held in person or remotely in accordance with any travel restrictions or local regulations in force or any health or safety considerations at the time of the event.


The winning team will receive an all expense* paid 2 week mentorship stay in Melbourne (please see T&Cs). During your stay, you will have a chance to work with academic and business experts from across La Trobe University.

All participants who successfully complete the challenge will also get a completion certificate highlighting their achievement and any notable feedback from TIGC's international judging panel.

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