Diabetes Development and Prevention Research

Our team is investigating the risk factors which increase the incidence of diabetes.

Our team is investigating the risk factors which increase the incidence of diabetes, as well as the measures which can be taken to prevent the development of this disease and reduce associated cardiovascular complications. We use high-performance clinical and analytical techniques to assess the levels and activity of enzymes, hormones and trace elements in both animal and human models.

The division collaborates with local, national and international research teams, to find better approaches to the prevention and early management of diabetes and associated cardiovascular complications. The team is also researching the daily challenges faced by people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities living with type 2 diabetes in Australia.

Current Research Projects

This research project aims to investigate the effects of a series of plant-derived nutraceutical supplements on the levels of oxidative stress, inflammation and glycemic index in prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. This project is a collaboration between La Trobe, national and international researchers.

This project aims to highlight the interplay of several biochemical markers associated with poor diabetes outcome which may precipitate the development of diabetes complications, including cardiovascular disease. In collaboration with research staff from Charles Sturt University and Khalifa University, UAE, the research team introduced an oxidative stress and inflammation assessment as a part of routine diabetes screening programs in rural areas.

This research project focuses on improving the current measures used in early detection and management of type 2 diabetes in developing countries. The team is collaborating with clinicians and medical researchers in Sydney, Saudi Arabia and India to look for better ways to increase awareness of the risks of diabetes and its complications.

Team members

  • Associate Professor Hayder Al-Aubaidy (Division Head)
  • Dr Jency Thomas (Senior clinical scientist)
  • Ms Holly Brettle (Research Assistant)
  • Dr Dina Jamil (Research Assistant)
  • Mr Anwar Noor Y Althubyani (PhD Student)
  • Ms Deniz Heydarian (PhD Student)
  • Mr Rahul Krishna Puvvada (PhD Student)
  • Mr Abudulsatar Jamal (Honours Student)