Self funded requests

The platform assist researchers who already have grant funding but need assistance in sourcing the right specialised research support or services.

We can also provide assistance on specific type of specialised research support (e.g survey support, website support and interactive contents). Please get in touch with us via email to discuss the type of services we offer and rates.

Request process for sourcing specialised research support

  1. Complete the Request form [DOCX 37KB]
  2. Submit completed form to

Budget calculation for specialised casual research support staff

The platform Pricing Calculator [XLSX 35KB] can be used to calculate costs for casual staff salary:

All rates are based on those outlined in the collective agreement.

On costs for casual employment are outlined in the salary service rates document.

Work that includes engagement of external suppliers, software or hardware hire, subscription fees, travel etc. will need to be priced separately. Get in touch with us via email

Examples of specialised research support provided by the Platform

Example 1

Project Background: OPTIMiSE (Online Personalised Training in Memory Strategies for Everyday) is an online memory intervention program for older adults with memory concerns.  Face-to-face memory groups that teach strategies for managing memory issues in daily life improve memory and functional independence of older adults, but there are difficulties providing these services widely. Many older adults who would benefit cannot attend due to mobility issues or distance. This project aims to develop an internet-based memory strategy program and evaluate its acceptability to older adults with memory concerns, the feasibility of running it on a larger scale, and whether it achieves similar outcomes to face-to-face groups.

Support provided: Created five interactive contents with HTML, CSS and Javascript for a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) related to this research project

Memory Process

Spaced Retrieval

Memory Stages

Prospective Memory

Parts of brain related to memory

Example 2

Project Background: The Abortion training in Australian medical schools study aims to ascertain the level and extent of training in abortion care within Australian medical schools. It will survey educators, asking whether or not the medical schools they work in offer didactic and/or clinical training in abortion care.

Support provided: Consulted and built survey on QuestionPro. The survey has now been approved by Ethics and ready for distribution.