Social Research Assistance Platform

Funding Announcement

The La Trobe Social Research Assistance Platform provides researchers with relevant resources to facilitate the effective completion of research outputs.

The platform supports researchers by:

funding and organising specialised research support

We provide and organise specialised research support funding to enable and accelerate effective completion for individual researchers and teams who are close to completing their research projects, such as finalising book, chapter or journal publications, non-traditional research outputs, or ensuring that the research has a broader impact in the community.

The services are available to researchers and postgraduate research students in areas across the humanities, social sciences, creative arts, business, law and commerce, but also STEM and health science disciplines, as required.

Research support services offered by the platform include, but are not limited to:

  • discipline-specific archival research, data collection and data processing,
  • archiving of materials,
  • conduct of interviews, surveys and preliminary processing of outcomes,
  • specialised transcription of disciplinary documents,
  • translation of essential documents, articles and interview or media material,
  • specialised set-up of media for data collection,
  • specialised literature searches,
  • support with finalising book, chapter or journal publications including indexing, editing and proof reading, and
  • non-traditional research outputs i.e. for the Creative arts - film, audio, theatre projects, etc.

Successful applicants will have access to:

  • a coordinator who will identify and arrange appropriate sessional or contract personnel to provide research support in a timely manner,
  • needs-assessed funding to cover the costs of employing research support staff.

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assisting researchers to source the right Research Assistant, if they have their own funding

We have a large database of research support staff with a broad range of skills. We can help match you with the right person who can support your research.

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providing information on how to access relevant software and survey tools

We can link you with various software and survey tools to support your research. The Digital Research website is also a great source of information for research that utilises computing and information technology.

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Program Evaluations

If you have a program to evaluate, we can help to connect you to researchers or research teams from across the University to evaluate and review the progress, outcomes and impacts of your program.

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For further information about the SRA Platform, please contact:
T: 03 9479 1935

Platform brochure [PDF 306KB]

Tips on how to improve your internal grant applications [PDF 416KB]