Visualisation capability

VisLab 2 Roman Campagna map There are currently 3 visualisation spaces at La Trobe:

  • VisLab 1 within Physical Sciences
  • Vis Lab 2 within Life Sciences
  • Research Commons within the Library

What is VisLab 1?

VisLab 1 Paul Pigram

VisLab1 is an immersive environment where up to 30 researchers or students can access experiments being run at the Australian Synchrotron and the APS (Advanced Photon Source) at Argonne National Laboratory (Chicago, USA), remotely and as a group.

What equipment is in the room?

  • Six 1080p HD projectors (creating approximately 9 metres of image)
  • 1080p HD video-conferencing equipment
  • Six touch-screens
  • A 'display wall' created from 12 separate HD monitors for visualising ultra-high resolution data. Together, the monitors act as a single 175-inch screen, all driven by a Microsoft Windows PC.
  • High speed data networking.

What is the room used for?

  • The room acts as a remote training laboratory and classroom for teaching instrument-centric science and exposing both high-school and university students to the laboratory experience.
  • The space also acts as a dedicated home for the Virtual Beam Line to the Synchrotron and allows for the remote use of scientific instruments and imaging of scientific data. La Trobe now has the capability for interactive and immersive research collaboration, visualisation of simulations and deep imaging.

Where is it located?
PS1 building, room 114

How do I get access?
The room is available to all researchers at La Trobe, please contact Paul Pigram for access and to arrange a demo.

What is VisLab 2?

VisLab 2 photo

What equipment is in the room?

  • Twenty-four 46" ultrathin-bezel full-HD screens linked together to form a huge curved display wall
  • A Microsoft PixelSense touch table
  • A 103" full-HD 3D monitor
  • High-performance workstations for displaying and interacting with ultra-high resolution visualisation data
  • The technology inside VisLab2 is managed by an enterprise-compliant control system, accessed via an Apple iPad. The system is so easy to use that an expert is not required to 'drive' the room, and researchers can control the equipment themselves, using voice recognition and gestural commands.

What is the room used for?

  • Researchers can access, display and manipulate large amounts of data and analyse them using a variety of tools
  • Catering specifically for researchers in 3D molecular biology, genomics and remote clinical training.

What software is currently available in the room?
Matlab 2014b
Office 2013 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Access)
WorldWide Telescope Mars
WorldWide Telescope

If you require software that is not currently installed in the room please contact

Where is it located?
BS2, Room 461

How do I get access?
The room is available to all researchers at La Trobe, please contact Christopher Adda for access and to arrange a demo.

Please browse the cheat sheet/FAQ for further information on how to use the technology in the room.

Research Commons

The Research Commons at La Trobe University Library provides a dynamic environment with new technologies, spaces and support for La Trobe’s scholars at every stage of their research.

The Research Commons provides a place to:

Access data visualization, GIS/mapping and text-analysis tools; Connect and collaborate with researchers across disciplines and campuses; Host workshops and presentations; Showcase La Trobe’s research; Meet with research partners and sponsors from business, community and government; Get support from experts across the disciplines.

The Research Commons is in on level 2 at the north end of the Borchardt Library at the Melbourne Campus.

Click here for more information

Contact the Library about using this facility or to ask a question.

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