Research tools and IT best practice

Looking for efficient ways to perform certain tasks in your research? Looking for tools to embed in your research workflows? Or just want to know what you can do better in terms of technology in your research.

With the emergence of many, varied research tools, it is not always possible for researchers to keep track of the best possible set of software tools that can improve their research workflow.

Through a relationship with researchers from 13 different universities, Intersect (La Trobe’s Digital Research partner) is best placed to advise on the top research tools. La Trobe University’s resident Digital Research Analyst from Intersect can work with you to find the set of research tools that fit your needs.

Furthermore, if you are starting a research project and are unsure about its technology requirements please discuss your project with our Digital Research Analyst. The analyst will consult with experts from Information Services, Research Office and Library to provide advice regarding the planning of the Information Services component of your research project

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