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Canossa residential services


"We invited Professor Rajiv Khosla and his team from Research Centre for Computers, Communication and Social Innovation to come to our facility to introduce (robots) Matilda & Jack to our residents. This was so successful that we followed up with a field trial.

Some of the possibilities we see in the future as this technology is developed include:

  • reading the newspaper with the residents – especially high care residents who are very interested in what is going on in the world but no longer have the ability to read
  • could be used in our dementia section to alert staff when residents are getting restless
  • divert attention of restless residents to a positive activity
  • provide company for people who feel socially isolated
  • assist in our pastoral care program by saying Rosary or other religious activities
  • carers supporting people diagnosed with dementia could use the technology to supervise their family member while they rested
  • reminding elderly to use the toilet – reducing falls at home by preventing incontinent episodes
  • providing assistance to people with disabilities who struggle to remain independent

This technology is not only going to be of benefit to our community and the aged care sector in Australia but globally as we face an increasing elderly population with limited human resources".

Managers, Canossa Nursing Home, Trebonne, Queensland.

Baptcare residential care


"Baptcare supported a RECCSI project which investigated the effectiveness of communication robots in supporting people in aged care facilities. The project was led by Professor Rajiv Khosla and the RECCSI team at La Trobe University who is working with NEC Japan to develop emotionally intelligent companion robots for health care settings. The organisation used the robots to interact and play games with residents. The robots were found to improve emotional and social engagement and coping with daily life".

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