Why choose us?

How our services can benefit you

Our ICT-enabled lifelong care system includes a companion robot, smart phone, wearables and tablets. Together, these devices can help:

  • improve the quality of engagement and cooperation with patients through lifestyle centered care
  • keep people at home longer by offering lifestyle centered care services
  • improve family environment and reduce carer burnout
  • reduce the social cost of care
  • provide human-like engagement, enrichment and entertainment.

Learn more about our social innovation services and where we work. View our field trials and case studies to see our work in action.

Research partners

Collaborate with our research team to find solutions to social issues and business problems. Learn more about our partnerships.

Industry partners

You can cooperate with us as a service provider to deliver lifelong care services in different health care and business contexts using socially assistive robots, smart devices and health sensors. Learn more about partnering with us.

Distributors and retailers

Our products offer you opportunities to:

  • sell lifelong care technologies to diverse age groups and range of disabilities
  • integrate with other value-added applications and devices
  • develop effective multi-channel sales and customer engagement strategies
  • achieve economies of scale through integration of applications and services with emotionally engaging companion robots
  • create new markets requiring emotional engagement, sensory enrichment.

Device manufacturers and operators

Our products offer you opportunities to:

  • expand revenues, benefit from differentiation through integration
  • increase reach and engagement with technology averse/unaware or disabled groups
  • integrate real-time lifestyle analytics with other data to improve diagnosis, treatment and monitoring
  • build brand value through community engagement while introducing new revenue streams.

Why collaborate with us?

With a strong track record of innovation, we have a history of collaboration and partnerships with business, government, educational institutions and communities within Australia and on a broader international scale.

Experience and expertise

We have eight years’ experience in service design and implementation via working directly with our clients and partners. We’ve conducted over 35 field trials in residential aged care, home-based care, hospital-based care, community centres and retirement village settings. Our multidisciplinary team of experts is recognised nationally and internationally for our work in these settings.

Strong industry, community and client engagement

We have a history of innovative partnerships with businesses and organisations, achieving valuable research and consultancy outcomes. We're attuned to the changing needs of organisations, whether corporate, government or not-for-profit.

We've developed and designed our services for improving the quality of life of older people, people with dementia and autism from actual deployments. We design, test and fine-tune our services on real users, in real-life contexts. For more information explore our Field trials and case studies.

We're designing for a better future

One of our key values is our services and research should benefit the community and society, as well as individuals. Our approach blends social science perspectives and Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) to design for social innovation and sustainability. Learn more about our research rationale and benefits of our services.

Global focus

We take a global worldview to solving problems and addressing challenges. Our partnerships with NEC and Kyoto University, Japan offer additional sector expertise.

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