Residential aged and community centre care services


We design care services for aged-care facilities and community centres to provide better care for aged residents. We combine technology such as emotionally intelligent social robots, tablets, mobiles and wearable devices with person-centred services to improve the quality of care for your elderly residents.

Our emotionally intelligent social robots can engage with your elderly clients in a human-like manner. They can perceive your patient's emotions by analysing facial features and body language. The robot’s software allows the services and activities to be adapted to an individual or context. For example, they can connect your clients to their relatives, send emails and monitor their health-related data. They are wirelessly programmed to notify your staff (nurses / carers) if a patient is distressed, injured or requires help.

The robots include features such as voice recognition, face tracking, registration and emotion recognition. They are programmed to move, dance, speak up to five languages, play music and games. We've also programmed them to meet the needs of your residents, so they speak slowly and can use different types of non-verbal communication to interact.

Our research and field trials show these services can:

  • help nursing homes and community home staff increase their capacity for care
  • have a positive impact on the emotional wellbeing of elderly residents.

Service benefits

Our residential aged care and community centre care services offer the following benefits:

Encourages engagement

Creating a rich sensory environment helps to lift the mood of elderly people. Helping them engage in different and stimulating activities promotes emotional wellbeing.

Creates social interaction

Being able to communicate or connect with friends, family and community promotes emotional wellbeing and can help your clients maintain good cognition. These services encourage your residents to play games, send emails and make calls, increasing their opportunities to connect and communicate.

The robots are designed to play games: Bingo (a number game) and Hoy (a card game) with your clients in residential care facilities. This is a popular activity and encourages acceptance of the technology, has a therapeutic effect and promotes social engagement. It also frees up a caregiver from this group activity to do other tasks.

Encourages healthy living

Good health is important for emotional wellbeing and we've designed services to support your client enjoy healthy living. These services include: emotionally intelligent diet improvement (suggestions) system, walk and exercise dialog system.

Provides mind-stimulating activities

The elderly like activities to exercise their cognitive skills and feel useful. The robot runs a short or a long multiple-choice quiz depending on the mood, alertness and medical condition of your client. The quizzes can help test mental awareness, staying power and engagement. These activities improve self-confidence and foster resilience to cope with issues such as short-term memory loss.

Delivers personalised services

Our technology supports flexible ways to communicate to deliver personalised care to your client. The robots cater to individual personal preferences, encouraging activities and conversation they love and enjoy.

Key services

Our key services for residential aged and community centre care include:

  • entertainment and stress reduction
  • group therapy games and cognitive improvement
  • healthy lifestyle
  • social and communication
  • interactive functions
  • emotional profiling and analytics
  • personalised services.

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