About field trials

Our services are developed and designed to improve the quality of life of older people, people with dementia and autism from actual deployments. We design, test and fine-tune based on our engagement with users, in real-life contexts.

We’ve conducted 35 field trials in aged-care facilities, private homes, disability care contexts, community centres and retirement villages. We’re now conducting trials in hospitals and in special education schools. We’ve received international and national recognition for our work in these contexts.

These trials have demonstrated that our ideas, discoveries and technologies can make a positive difference to people's wellbeing. By conducting trials with healthcare organisations and clients, we’re transforming how services are delivered.

What's involved in a trial?

When conducting a trial, our expert team works closely with you from start to finish to deliver designed services that meet your organisation's and client’s needs. There might be several meetings to understand your requirements and goals.

For each trial, we will:

  • understand your clients' social context (e.g. home-based care or residential care)
  • diagnose and document your client's lifestyle needs so we can design and tailor the appropriate assistive technologies and services to suit their needs. This may involve identifying preventative, proactive and reactive care services
  • determine the assistive technology deployment period and deployment cost
  • design and integrate your client's service requirements with assistive technologies, like social robots, tablets and other smart devices
  • deploy the assistive technologies and smart devices, either one-on-one or in groups
  • collect real-time analytics data to improve the services delivered during the trial
  • provide feedback to the carer, family and relatives.

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Service areas

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