Our social innovation services

What we do

We design socially and emotionally engaging systems, technologies and innovative services to support the wellbeing and sustainability of human society. Our work and expertise in social innovation encompasses: aged care, health care, autism care, human resource management, business intelligence and knowledge management.

Our approach combines technology, such as emotionally engaging social robots, tablets, mobiles and wearable devices with design-driven service innovation. A key part of our services involves using emotionally and socially engaging communication robots designed with our partners to deliver 'person-centred' care.

We're collaborating with diverse organisations to solve social issues. Our work is transforming health and aged care, home-based autism care, education, business intelligence and education services.

Services we offer

Our ICT-enabled lifelong care system includes a companion robot, smart phone, wearables and tablets. Find out more about our services.

Health monitoring services

These services integrate with smart devices and off-the-shelf technologies to track health-related data. For example, a Fitbit monitors health metrics, converts and sends data to the social robot. The robot intervenes and offers preventative activities, such as playing personalised music to ease the user's anxiety or emotional state.

  • anxiety / emotional data
  • pulse rate
  • heart rate
  • sleep quality.

Social and communication services

These services use the social robot’s in-built functionality, which allows the user to make phone calls or send messages to families and friends. This service also pairs mobile phones with the social robot to deliver services remotely.

  • video calls
  • phone calls
  • messages.

Entertainment and stress reduction services

These services include music and dance, storytelling, news reading and telling jokes. They have universal appeal and help break down the technology barrier between humans and the robot. This benefits older people unfamiliar with recent technologies, helping them use and respond to our devices in an accessible and engaging way.

  • plays music
  • tells stories
  • reads news
  • plays games
  • tells jokes.

Memory and cognitive improvement services

These services are designed to increase memory and cognitive abilities by engaging with personalised quizzes, games and reminders. They particularly benefit people with dementia or similar conditions.

  • cognitive (picture) quizzes
  • memory-assisted games
  • calendar and task planning
  • reminder services.

Healthy lifestyle services

The healthy lifestyle services designed in our robots can help to improve users’ physical health. The human partner is encouraged to dance and sing with the robot and do specific exercises. The robot is paired with other devices to track activity levels.

  • singing and dancing
  • reminders for exercise
  • device integration to track and monitor exercise.

Emotional profiling and analytics services

The robots use cameras to collect emotional data and analyse emotional profiles. They also provide analytics on user behaviour such as positive or negative responses.

  • emotional profiling
  • behaviour / anxiety analytics.

Personalised services

Our services are highly personalised, customised and centred around the individual’s lifestyle. You can upload and manage personal collections such as music, stories and books.

  • analytics
  • personalise with content – music, images, books.

Interactive functions

Our services offer communication via voice, face, touch interaction and connection with other smart technologies. These functions provide easy and accessible interaction with the  social robot. For example, people with reduced speech ability can use the touch panel to deliver commands to the robot. Adding a smartwatch provides interaction between the user, carer / family, and the social robot.

  • voice recognition
  • face and emotion recognition
  • touch interface
  • smartwatch connectivity.

Connectivity functions

The robot employs cloud-based services and integrates with networks (Wifi, Bluetooth) to connect to the internet and retrieve real-time information, anywhere, anytime.

  • cloud-based services
  • multiple device integration – (Internet of Things (IoT) FITBIT, Smart Watch, Smart Phone, TV, Health sensors) and connectivity (WIFI, LAN).