Mapping knowledge sharing traits to business strategy in a knowledge based organisation

Knowlege Management

Project area

Knowledge Management and Group Innovation

Devices used

Social robots, Tablet, PC

Project overview

Several researchers have studied the motivators of knowledge sharing, most of which are situational characteristics, but limited study of the personality traits. This project aims at bridging the gap in this research by profiling knowledge workers for Communities of Practice (CoPs) based on the personality traits. The research takes each Communities of Practice knowledge management business strategy into account.

Benefits / outcomes

Personality traits are suitable to fit in different types of Communities of Practice in terms of four business strategies. These results map organisational business strategy, knowledge management implementation with Communities of Practice and knowledge worker traits. For example, if a Community of Practice's strategy involves innovation, knowledge workers with the personality trait of 'Openness to Experience' may be more likely to contribute to knowledge sharing within the Community of Practice.