Human resource management research

Research project

Job Interviewing: profiling, benchmarking and personalised training

Research area

Emotionally intelligent recruitment and benchmarking

Our partners

Australian recruitment companies

Target industry

Human Resource Management

Devices used

Social robots, tablets, internet.

Social robot enabled emotion and trait profiling of a candidate

Project overview

We’re prototyping and testing an emotionally intelligent system for recruitment and training of employees.  The aim of this project is to design, develop and test adaptive learning technology to recruit and benchmark sales and customer service personnel in Australia’s recruitment industry.

When recruiting sales and customer service personnel, most organisations rely on interviews as their main strategy. It’s assumed the candidate’s product knowledge, verbal skills, hard work, self-discipline and personality are sufficiently assessed during the interview process. However, it is difficult to objectively determine a candidate’s selling or customer service behaviour during an interview. The hiring decision is influenced by time constraints, human preferences and information quality.

Many existing recruitment procedures don’t have adequate benchmarking techniques for assessing sales and customer service personnel capabilities. Many computerised systems based on psychometric techniques—designed to objectively measure a candidate’s skills, knowledge and abilities—are general in their design, developed in countries outside Australia and don’t reflect Australian workplace culture and conditions.  As a result, some existing recruiting procedures and applications, though useful, have limited success. The high turnover of salespeople and stress levels of sales and customer service managers are often good indicators of the limited success of these procedures.

Using and designing an emotionally intelligent robot system and learning technology based on intelligent techniques—like neural networks, fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms—for recruitment will help personnel and recruitment companies to adapt to the changing needs of organisations.


An emotionally intelligent robotic system that will assist human resource managers.