Health and aged care research


An aging population and healthcare expenditure are serious concerns in developed countries. According to the World Health Organisation (2015), one in nine people are aged 60 and over. This amount is projected to increase to one in five by the year 2050. Shortages of skilled caregivers to deliver aged care services are also expected to be a serious concern in developed countries.

Assistive technologies, such as social robots, can play a crucial role to improve the quality of care services, especially in residential aged care facilities. Social robots are able to provide aged care services to support older people in residential aged care facilities.

Research goals

  1. determine the need for a conceptual model for using social robots in aged care contexts
  2. construct and design a model for social robots as service innovators in residential aged care facilities.
  3. evaluate the model using qualitative and quantitative research methods.

We’re collaborating with many healthcare and aged care organisations and projects, focusing on Dementia and Autism care.

Research projects