Business intelligence and analytics research


Business Intelligence is a set of theories, methodologies, architectures and technology that integrates and transforms an organisation’s raw data into useful information that supports better business decision making.

Computing and information technology has expanded substantially and our ability to collect data now exceeds our ability to analyse it. As important as data mining technology is to business, existing research mainly focusses on mainly improving technology. It doesn’t integrate the technology with user focused decision making models. Also, most data mining solutions employ ‘soft’ computing technologies such as neural network, fuzzy logic, and genetic algorithms. These technologies only provide approximate solutions, for example, 85 per cent prediction accuracy.

To promote the use, and usefulness, of these technologies their performance needs continuous improvement and a user-centered approach. These issues motivate our research and projects in Business Intelligence and analytics.

Research goals

Our research includes the design of:

  • architecture for optimising data mining technology based on user feedback
  • distributed and parallel processing for processing large amounts of data
  • multi-layered, multi-agent architecture for distributed data mining applications, based on user context, optimisation, and intelligent data mining technologies.

Research areas

  • Health care services and analytics
  • Financial services analytics
  • Energy analytics.

Research projects