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Alzheimer's Australia


AADRFV logo"Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Research Foundation funded a RECCSI project which investigated the effectiveness of communication robots in supporting people living with dementia and their carers.

The purpose of the project, which was partially funded by an AADRFVic grant, was to determine the effectiveness of companion robots to support carers and people with dementia. The robots were placed into the homes of people living with dementia and their carers. The robot delivered a range of lifestyle centred, personalised services to each participant. These ‘personalised services’ included: singing and dancing to favourite songs, providing news and weather forecasts, reading books and short stories, making phone calls, providing personalised reminders, playing quizzes and telling jokes".

Alzheimer’s Australia, Annual report 2013-2014, Technology transforming care.

NEC Corporation


NEC Japan logo"Since RECCSI’s creation in 2009, Professor Khosla at La Trobe University and C&C Innovation Research Laboratory of NEC Corporation, Japan have worked together to investigate the “social” role of information and communications technology (ICT).

Robots are no longer just a tool for production in a factory. New types of robots are emerging to be a utility for everyday life. Together, NEC and RECCSI are seeking and contributing to a “social” robot era – in which people and robots live together for higher quality of life. We started our research activities with a small number of researchers, but during the work we met many people and the outcome is becoming more practical with their help. We now have many collaborators and supporters who share the same future vison. These people’s voices are our strongest source of motivation.

We would like to contribute to the growth and continuous development of RECCSI and look forward to further extending our long and successful relationship".

Tomoharu Yamaguchi, Manager, Research Planning Division, NEC Corporation, Japan.

"For over a decade, robot technologies have dramatically developed and improved. The use of robots for the care of aged people and others who suffer from autism is getting more attention and are expected to benefit their users. NEC wishes to contribute to this area and demand through our robotics-technologies. We are expecting that our product development could be accelerated through the collaboration with RECCSI".

Corporate Headquarters, NEC Corporation, Japan.

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